How to Buy Forklift Batteries

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How to Buy Forklift Batteries

Collect basic information about your forklift to choose a battery that fits your battery compartment and gives the appropriate power level. If you are looking for a lift truck for sale, visit a reputable dealer to get the best deal and help you with information about spare parts and service. A forklift dealer can also assist you in locating a battery that meets the required standards. Find out more in this article about forklift batteries and how to buy the best ones.

What Is a Forklift Battery?

The Forklift battery is the source of electricity for electric lift trucks and forklifts. It is one of the primary components of the material equipment. The choice of battery and forklift batteries for sale from a company is an important decision affecting your business or personal use.

What Are the Types of Forklift Battery?

The cost of each battery type is determined based on your business or company’s needs, budget, and circumstances. Here are the types and functions of Forklift batteries:

Lead-Acid (Wet Cell)

Lead-Acid and Wet Cell batteries are the most prevalent form of forklift batteries. They feature charged plates suspended in a solution of sulfuric acid and water. The battery operates by suspending the electrolytes between two plates with opposing charges in a water and acid solution. During the operation and charging phases, evaporation occurs. As a result, Wet Cell batteries must be serviced more frequently than other battery types to retain peak performance. It consists of adding water to the battery regularly and cleaning it regularly. As a result, your business will need a specialized watering system and a trained individual with additional safety equipment to ensure the correct water level in the battery and provide maintenance.

The pricing is the primary benefit of the Wet Cell battery. The battery is less expensive than other battery types, allowing enterprises to have numerous batteries per forklift. Multiple batteries will allow one to be recharged or maintained while the forklift is still in use if your organization requires machines to operate around the clock.

Gel Cell Lead-Acid

Wet Cell batteries demand more care than Gel Cell batteries. A gel battery is similar to a conventional lead-acid battery, with silica added to generate a gel-like substance. Gel batteries can be put in various positions and release fewer smells due to the electrolyte medium’s increased viscosity. Since these batteries are sealed, they do not require a watering system.

When charging a gel battery, you will need to allot additional time. Slow charging cycles are typical with Gel Cell batteries, but you cannot leave them charging unattended. Since the electrolyte medium is a gel rather than a liquid, you must remove the battery from the charger as soon as charging is complete, as leaving it connected could result in irreversible electrolyte damage.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are an additional type of sealed lead acid battery. AGM batteries function by absorbing sulfuric acid into a very fine fiberglass mat.

AGM batteries do not need to be re-hydrated as frequently as flooded batteries. The fact that the mats themselves do not absorb acidic electrolytes and are unaffected by them enables them to function well without maintenance and in a wider temperature range. Charging AGM batteries is up to five times faster than charging Wet Cell batteries, and they are capable of deep cycling.

The primary disadvantage of an AGM battery is its short lifespan, and each charging cycle might diminish its performance and lifespan. Manufacturers recommend discharging no more than 50 percent of a battery’s capacity per charging process, extending its lifespan to 1,300 cycles.


Lithium-ion batteries are a relatively new battery technology for forklifts. Because the lithium-ion battery is sealed and does not require watering or cleaning, it is comparatively low maintenance that can usually be used in machines to work on the custom plastic molding. It requires only two to three hours to charge fully, and there is no cooldown period. You may also use opportunity charging, plugging them in for a rapid charge during a break. Typically, Lithium-Ion batteries are plugged directly into a wall socket. Perhaps most noteworthy is the battery’s improved cycle life of up to 3000. Your staff is not exposed to hazardous compounds such as sulfuric acid.

However, this convenience comes at a cost, as lithium-ion batteries are significantly more expensive than standard Wet Cell batteries. Additionally, lithium batteries are affected by the operating temperature of the device. Freezer applications and unheated warehouses, as well as the weather in New England, might have a negative impact.

How To Select the Appropriate Forklift Battery

Check the battery’s brand and country of origin before purchasing. Avoid purchasing batteries made in foreign nations, especially those with a reputation for producing low and inefficient tools.

Purchase a battery with a warranty and request the warranty document. A longer warranty is preferable when purchasing a forklift battery. Request the warranty statement, which is also possible when you try to purchase a fat tire recumbent trike, and ensure you comprehend how warranty concerns are resolved.

Does the Battery Require Rehydration?

Deionized or distilled water is added to certain forklift batteries every five to ten charges. The water shields the battery’s active components. It causes lasting harm and reduces its lifespan. There are also forklift batteries that require minimal maintenance.


Avoid purchasing batteries from countries with a reputation for producing inexpensive goods. Low prices for forklift batteries are always too good to be true. Purchase a battery with a warranty and request to view the warranty document. A longer warranty is preferable when purchasing a forklift battery. If you already own a battery charger, consult the information on the nameplate and your battery supplier to see whether electric forklift batteries are compatible.

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