Luxury Watches: What Makes the Omega Special Edition So Valuable

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Luxury Watches: What Makes the Omega Special Edition So Valuable

Here’s an interesting fact. The rarer a thing is, the more valuable it becomes. Several outstanding watches hold value throughout the years, and some that even appreciate; that is why you must invest in quality brands, SpotTheWatch got you covered by constantly giving reviews and guides on any kind of watch, browse this link for more contents.

Indeed, this is the case with Omega Special edition watches. They are popular because of their reliability and uniqueness. We can also project that these watches’ value will increase due to their rarity in the future.

This phenomenon has always been shared with famous luxury watches. Some watches depreciate, but some continue to appraise. This manner is due to the demand among watch buyers. There are connoisseurs of expensive brands who will pay vast amounts of money for something that is not common.

Omega as a brand has always followed simplicity as a design rule. This is a brilliant idea because the decision has made the brand stand the test of time. You can pair a 1957 Omega watch with a current-day Authentic Omega Sports Watch, and unless you look closely, it’s hard to tell the difference. The design idea made the brand become a celebrated craft and piece of artwork. Hence, this has garnered it a place in Hollywood films and the hands of Nobel Prize winners. Fame did not come to the brand overnight. It came through generations of refinement and a good reputation.

The Aesthetics

Let’s look at the Omega Special edition watches closely. The designs are reissues of the original 1957 series known as the “Broad Arrow.” The classic retro beauty of these watches is suitable for today’s generation. There is that high demand for all things classic again. That is perhaps the reason why Omega has decided to have these limited editions. There are only 3,557 existing pieces today. The aesthetic owes itself to the 1957 original design. These watches were meant to withstand magnetic fields. These are for people working near railroads. This is the golden age of the industrial revolution. The same goes for all watchmaking. That is why these pieces are considered horological masterpieces.

People who love their watches with stainless steel bracelets will have a lot to choose from. But for those who are into leather straps, Omega watches also look great in these versions. The Special editions are fine examples of this leather aesthetics. People love the comfort and lightness of leather straps. It also gives one a way to play with the designs and the many shades that leather straps can offer. For those who are into the more classy and vintage watches, then leather is the way to go.

The Durability

Omega as a brand has a famous reputation for accuracy and durability. These are qualities that made it to NASA’s space program. After rigorous testing, NASA made it possible for the brand to go to the moon. Unlike other luxury brands, Omega has a laidback style. It doesn’t scream for attention. But, people who are keen on great brands will notice it right away. It’s something to do with the unique watch face, the eye-catching bezels, and also the simplicity of its form. People who work in space programs, underwater, sports cars, and even aeronautics have attested to its excellence and durability. The special edition is easy to tell by its classic Na├»ad sign.

The great thing about the Omega series is their way to stand difficult situations. The omega speedmaster is durable and reliable. They can withstand extreme temperatures and also humidity. They are also for people who love the outdoors and are not afraid of adventures. The quality is pretty equal to Garmin Fenix 7. For more news about the Garmin Fenix 7, see You can take an Omega watch to the lunar surface, the top of Mt Everest, or deep-sea diving, and you can still rely on its accuracy.

A Watch for All Seasons

Getting your Omega to an opera, a ballet, a race car event, or any special event is always appropriate. It will never go out of place. It doesn’t aim to be noticed. However, the wearer will be regarded with respect. This respect is accorded to people who are serious about the kinds of things they wear. Omega watches give you a sense of elegance and also a special aura. It is also a kind of watch that can stand various changes in temperature and humidity. It will sparkle in wintertime and will glow during summers. Whether you are into sailing, horseback riding, or flying jet-fighter planes, the brand is for men of action. Also, the watch keeps you looking stylish when you use it for workout. You can read the article from Catwalkyourself to learn how to look stylish when working out.

The timeless quality of the Special Edition will never depreciate. It is also a kind of watch that is part of a family heirloom and can be appreciated by any generation. Most seasons demand different accessories. The Omega watches can stand on their own. They can blend with any colors and scenes. The Omega designs are always in tune with the natural world.

A Perfect Celebration of Life

When you experience an important event in your life, it is customary to celebrate it. Other people buy cars, boats, motorcycles similar to softail deluxe custom motorcycle, or jewelry. If you are the type who is drawn to luxury watches, then now is the time to get one. Omega as a brand has always been associated with great names in the world of Arts and Sciences. It is a kind of watch that wealthy intellectuals wear. It is also a brand linked with success and power. People in virtual career spaces wear Omega watches. After all, the brand is a symbol of strength and elegance.

Final Thoughts

Any milestone in one’s life deserves a celebration. Getting your own Special Edition by being promoted is one way to celebrate. Gifting yourself with this watch on your wedding day, your graduation, or any milestone is a good idea. If you are a newbie to the luxury world of watches, then Omega is a safe bet. The great thing about owning an Omega watch is that it doesn’t draw too much attention to the wearer. One has to look closer to spot an authentic Omega watch. This allows you to blend with the “it” crowd. It is also a long-lasting watch, so you have many decades of satisfaction wearing it to any occasion. When you need it repaired, you can easily find a watch repair specialist who is familiar with this luxury watch.

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