4 Microphone Tips to Enhance the Audio Quality of Your Video

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4 Microphone Tips to Enhance the Audio Quality of Your Video

Filmmakers, Podcasters, YouTubers, and many other professionals who are dependent on voice quality and whose business depends on it, must focus on the quality of the microphone they are using. Most people who enter the world of video don’t realize the importance of audio quality and because of this, they may face the repercussions of it in the early stage of their career.

Now to save yourself from such situations, it’s better to get gear that offers unmatched quality and it is not necessary to spend too much to get the sound quality you are looking for, just a few measures and tips can improve that. Thus, go through the microphone tips that we have jotted down to enhance the audio quality. Check them out:

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You Need to Select the Perfect Location for Recording

Choose a location that doesn’t attract unnecessary background noises when you are shooting. There is a possibility that sound quality may get hampered if you conduct an outdoor shoot, maybe near a busy street, on a beach where the noise of waves is too much or next to a waterfall. All these locations may attract noise while recording that will hamper your voice quality.

Make sure you choose a location indoor that doesn’t have reflection-breaking objects because that will capture the crazy sounds and lead to a lot of echoes. It’s better to sit on a couch and put curtains on the door and windows so that the noises don’t affect your sound quality.

Upgrade Your Microphone

The possibility of getting a bad audio quality can be a reason that you have not upgraded your microphone if you are not upgrading your microphone you must learn how to enhance the audio files. With the microphone upgrade, the output improves and the audible noises decrease. You will notice a huge difference in the quality that will increase the output of your video as well as will help in enhancing your career.

After the upgrade, you will even not have to invest much time in the editing as the audio quality will be that advanced and will sound gorgeous.

Get the Mic Close to Your Mouth

The closer you will keep the microphone to your mouth, the clearer it will pick the voice. If you do so, then you will be able to set a low record level but still will pick up an excellent volume level. And as the level of the volume is low, thus the ambient sound will also reduce.

Show Some Creativity with Mic Placement

If you have a Lac Microphone then you can show some creativity in the placement. As they are omnidirectional, hence they catch clear sound from any direction, so you need to place them near the mouth. It can be set near the button area of the shirt, or the collar area of a top, even in the tie knot it can be placed. Try these options and check the clarity of voice is coming from placing it in which direction, then opt for that option for better quality.

Final Words

To get that amazing audio quality in your video or podcast you need a good microphone. Otherwise, with the bad audio quality, there is a huge possibility that people will start unfollowing your work. So, when you have a creative career then go and upgrade your microphone for that amazingly engaging audio quality.

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