10 Most Incredible Tissot Watches This 2021

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10 Most Incredible Tissot Watches This 2021

Tissot has long been recognized as one of the world’s leading pioneers in the art of watchmaking, with horological roots dating back over 160 years. It is a luxury watch brand that melds sporty details into each high-quality Swiss watch they make. They are known for crafting some of the best wristwatches in the world. They were founded in 1853 in Le Locle, Switzerland, and released their now-iconic pocket watch the same year which featured a single movement and dual time zones. Since then, they haven’t looked back, and if you’re into watches you can also learn why is stainless steel better than silver in watches.

Tissot was purchased by the Swatch Group in 1983, which is the world’s largest watch manufacturer, also owning brands such as Omega and Hamilton. They are now known for producing eye-catching sports watches that push the boundaries of technology, as well as appealing dress watches. Here is the list of incredible Tissot watches.

1. Heritage Visodate Automatic

The Heritage Visodate with a 40 mm dial first showed up on August 22, 2017, and the number of its fans has grown steadily since then. The design is simple and glamorous, common in all Tissot watches. Even so, the band is more traditional for women than men, but that does not make this product unpopular among men.

This item’s functions are somewhat limited by a calendar, but the key point is that it is automatic. It means you don’t have to worry about replacing the battery because a self-winding mechanism charges the timekeeper each time you move. The rear which is usually hidden has a secret: it has a glass cover that allows users to see how the mechanism works.

2. T-Race Black Chronograph Dial

Racing watches are popular among men, and if you’re into them, you’ll probably want a T-Race watch with the 45 mm display, which has been available since January 3, 2011. The case is stainless steel, and the band is rubber.

This watch is ideal for active people, but it’s also appropriate for formal occasions. The black dial is very convenient for checking the time, particularly when the elements are a contrast color—white. There are a few features that are ideal for snorkeling or racing. This model is a tachymeter as well as a stopwatch. There is also a date calendar with a magnifier so that it can be seen clearly.

3. Couturier Chronograph

A classic style on a watch has always been in high demand. The major factor for this is simple and clear: such a device can be worn for just any event. As a result, it’s no surprise that this timepiece with a 41 mm dial is one of the thousands of people’s favorites. And when it first hit the market on December 15, 2009, it completely blew everyone away. Its appearance is appropriate for both everyday use and formal occasions. We think this looks so good with cute homecoming dresses from Peaches Boutique.

Furthermore, because it includes a tachymeter and a chronograph, it can be used for sports-related activities. However, the leather band, combined with the polished stainless steel case, makes it a stunning detail wherever you go.

4. Everytime Large

Simplicity is also important in watches, so there are no unnecessary details in the Everytime Large with a 42 mm display. It is big enough, but the dial only has three hands, making this model even more gorgeous. It has been available since July 20, 2016, and has been sold hundreds of thousands of times since then, proving this theory.

5. PRC 200 Chronograph

The device’s reliability is achieved through the proper combination of materials and details. The ideal solution is PRC 200, which was announced on June 1, 2004. It is entirely made of stainless steel, which is resistant to both stress and water. The case is 42 mm wide, which allows for three sub-dials.

Furthermore, because it includes a tachymeter, it will be highly valued by those who dive or enjoy racing. The overall impression leads you to believe that this item is more than just dependable—it’s a fantastic device for anyone who requires consistent, stable performance.

6. Sailing-Touch

Sailing-Touch, which has been available since November 11, 2010, is regarded as a super-stylish sports timekeeper because of its sleek exterior and material selection. It’s also great for water sports like regattas, sailing, and surfing. As evidence, corresponding functions such as tide, meteorology, and regatta measurements are available on a 45 mm dial. Make sure to take your watch to an iwc service annually to check its water resistance. In addition, it has an alarm and can be used as a compass. Furthermore, the luminous hands will allow you to read the time even in the dark.

7. PR100 Silver Dial

The elegant PR100 timekeeper with a 39 mm dial and stainless steel case will undoubtedly draw attention. It was released on December 18, 2015, and since then, bet on it, it has possessed everyone who sees it for the first time.

It has a classic combination of two tones—silver and gold—that is appropriate for formal nights or sporting events. Furthermore, the date calendar will keep you literally up to date.

8. Tradition Perpetual Calendar

On December 2, 2011, the perpetual calendar in the Tradition watch with a 42 mm display was released. In fact, the calendar takes up most of the dial, leaving no room for other subdials with different functions, except for the additional one that shows seconds. However, three hands continue to accurately display the time. The leather band with a crocodile skin texture makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the stainless steel case is well polished, making it pleasing.

9. T-Trend Quadrato Men’s Rubber Strap

Tissot’s Quadrato watch combines the classic design of an analog watch with the functionality of rubber straps to create a standout men’s luxury watch. This watch is equally appropriate for formal occasions, as it is for casual weekends. This Swiss timepiece is finished with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a classic white dial.

10. T-Sport V8 Black Strap Chronograph

This Tissot model is a classic in every way, with Swiss quartz movement, a chronograph function, and luminescent hands and markers. The luxury look of this timeless men’s watch is completed by a black leather strap and stainless steel casing.


Tissot adheres to a set of standards and employs only the finest materials in its products. They want to provide the highest level of accuracy and security in order to meet any criteria. Purchasing a Tissot watch will make you stylish and up to date. For a perfect blend of style and precision, consider complementing your ensemble with Rockwell watches, adding a timeless touch to your overall look.

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