Printer Master: 10 Common Printer Issues and How to Fix Them

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Printer Master: 10 Common Printer Issues and How to Fix Them

For text and graphic outputs, printers are the best gadgets to run to. They are usually sold with computers, but you can always purchase them separately. Different types of printers vary diversely in cost, function, size, and speed. The most common types of printers are called inkjet and laser. Inkjet printers commonly use cartridges to spray the ink onto printing paper. Laser printer see widespread use, and you can find a company that specializes in laser printers sales if you would like to own one for any private or commercial reason. These advanced printers are essential in election voting services like the production of election materials and ballots.

There are also multifunctional ones that can fax, photocopy, and scan, which you can find in offices. There are even wireless ones available in the market which work by navigating a wireless network.

Although over some time printers have undergone technological advancements, problems still arise and are unavoidable. Printing issues can seriously halt your productivity. We all know that the broken printing machine makes employees frustrated and solving this problem is important for keeping the rhythm of the work. To avoid common printers issues, try to check all the features at least once a month. However, if you have some problems there is always a solution and some of them can be done by you without any help from specialists. Hence here’s a list of different types of printer problems and how to fix them.

Paper Jam

With this problem, your paper load might have been wrongly loaded, or maybe they have been ripped, dirty and damp. Your paper rollers might even be damaged, or your paper tray is filled with different types of printing paper.

To get your printer to work again, check first the printer manual and see if there are specifics in handling paper jams. In some instances, you will need to open your printer and gently pull out the stuck paper.

Streaked, Blotchy, and Unclear Quality of Printing

The print that comes out depends on what printer and ink you have. The kind of paper you’re using can also be a factor in affecting the print quality. If you’re sure that the paper you’re using isn’t the problem, then it’s probably the toner. Get the toner and gently shake it from both sides. And if the toner won’t work in any kind of troubleshooting ways, then Sell Toner might have the best solution to your problem.

Avoid touching the toner roll, for it can leave fingerprints. However, if you’re using ink, it has probably dried up and needs replacing. To get your money’s worth on your printer, buying good quality ink such as Canon ink is recommended. You can visit this link to hire a printing service and avoid low quality printing.

Printer Connectivity Issues

Printers can either be connected locally or using a network. Local printers are accessed through USB and a parallel cable. The USB cable should be connected to both the printer and the PC if you’re using one.

If you have another USB cable on hand, swap it out, or use a different USB port if one is available. If the connection still does not work, the USB or printer drive may have become corrupted.

Slow Pace of Printing

Consider what printer you are using; inkjet or laser. With inkjet printers, they tend to print slowly because of their drying time. To get the best results, avoid duplex printing; the printer usually takes a while to print because it has to do both sides. You can also opt to print using a host-based or PCL driver if you have the option.

Pixelated Images

Nothing is worse than seeing your pictures being printed out blurry and pixelated. You cannot assure the resolution of the document when printed. So, it’s crucial to run the printer a few times to test out the ink and check if there are any white spots, jagged lines, missing colors, and puddles of ink. If you have Canon i-SENSYS MF237w, it is best to use mf237w toner cartridges for best results.

Incorrect Orientation

With this, it might actually be fixed using Word or other document platforms. It is important to fix the orientation first before pressing print. It’s either the print layout will be in a portrait or landscape mode. Make sure to use the right paper that matches the format. Click print preview to see if the whole page is in the right frame.

“Awaiting Redial”

This is applied to multifunctional printers, which can scan and send faxes at the same time. If a fax fails, the machine will redial at 5-minute intervals until a busy or no answer report is printed. The user should ensure the correct fax number and the dial tone. Also, check if the telephone line is connected to the printer appropriately where it says “Line” to ensure that the connection is secured and reconnected.

Duplex Printing Problem

The most well-known issue with duplex printing is that the print is oriented backward and on the wrong side of the paper. Choosing landscape or portrait as the vertical flipping option can be one of the solutions. With this, the print job should now be in the correct orientation.

“Cannot Detect”

If a message pops up and says “Cannot Detect” after installing new ink, the printer should be restarted quickly because the ink might have been installed too swiftly or is broken.

Remove the ink cartridge and reinstall it in the printer, ensuring it’s in the right spot. Color printers require that the color inks be positioned in the correct positions for the printer to function. The printer can be reset if the error notice persists.

Troubleshoot Issues

Problems concerning software are usually the hardest ones to fix. What you need to do is to ensure that the drives are properly installed. You can opt to restart or uninstall and reinstall the printer.


You can always check the label and the manual that comes with purchasing the printer to see if it can help you with the issues you’re encountering. You can also choose to check with your office printer equipment repair technician for severe problems that won’t suffice by actions like troubleshooting. We hope that this article has been helpful for you and your little printing buddy!

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