Reasons to Invest in a Carbon Fiber Backpack

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Reasons to Invest in a Carbon Fiber Backpack

Carbon fiber is a solid but light material with many applications. It’s so versatile that it has made its way even into consumer products, including backpacks. If you’re in the market for a bag and cost is taking a backseat, try investing in a carbon fiber backpack.

Carbon fiber, super material

Carbon fiber consists of long thin strands of carbon atoms bound together by plastic polymer resin and the application of heat and pressure. Each component by itself is brittle and weak. Still, the resulting composite material is both exceptionally durable and uncharacteristically light, making it ideal for use in various fields like construction, engineering, aerospace, automobiles, and sports equipment. There is no limit to the use of carbon fiber, and its price will continue to go down, especially in the near future, as the technology producing them still has much room for improvement.

Best of both worlds

Incorporating carbon fiber into the design of a backpack makes it durable but, at the same time, lightweight, which is suitable for mobility. As such, these bags can provide ample protection for your valuables like tablets, cellphones, and other gadgets, even while doing vigorous activities like hiking, trekking, or riding on a motorbike. Being a multi pocket backpack, you can store a lot of valuables. That’s one less thing to worry about and one more reason to enjoy outdoor activities.

Look good, feel good

Carbon fibers are thin strands woven together into a fabric resulting in inherently beautiful texture; giving carbon fiber backpacks a sleek and modern look. Once you wear something that looks this good, it’s hard not to feel good too.

But the real reason to feel good about wearing this type of backpack is the low weight of carbon fiber, which helps minimize the stress on your body, especially when traveling over long distances with a bag strapped on your back. Ergonomics is easy to overlook, that is until you start feeling the aches and pains from the straps digging into your shoulders.

More options to choose from

When carbon fiber was first integrated into the design of backpacks by Nikola Knezevic in 2010, it came with a hard case or shell and a very prohibitive price tag. Fortunately, the manufacture of carbon fiber has come a long way since then, and the effects can be seen on the products using it, including bags. Nowadays, there are so many options to choose from in terms of both the design and the price point. A quick look online and you will find a style that suits you that would not necessarily cost you an arm and a leg.

An investment, not just an expense

Carbon fiber, although far from permanent, could last if cared for properly. That is why buying a backpack with parts made of carbon fiber could save you money in the long run from having to replace your pack several times over the years and from having to replace gadgets inadvertently damaged from bumps and jolts.

A carbon fiber backpack can be more expensive than a regular one and may seem like a luxury at first. But it would, in no time, pay for itself solely from its durability. It could also save you much grief by protecting your valuables and your shoulders from damage. And besides, there is no harm in indulging yourself once in a while, especially if you deserve it.

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