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Surface Hub 2: Most Common Use Cases

It’s recently emerged as one of the most intelligent and sophisticated devices to use in the workplace and it’s only getting better and better as time progresses – the more we’re using it, the more we’re starting to learn about its applications in the real world, and they’re pretty spectacular! They’re great across the board in all aspects of collaboration, but it’s always useful to get an idea of exactly how you can utilize the device to your business’ advantage; you can find examples of some of the most common use cases for the Surface Hub 2 below.

Business Meetings

Up first is one of the most obvious uses – the common business meeting. These kinds of meetings happen day in, day out at companies across the globe. They’re inescapable and are now at a point where they can often feel stale, stagnant, and unproductive due to their repetitive structure; this makes them almost redundant. The Surface Hub 2 looks to change this by offering a more immersive, engaging, and interactive system that gets all participants involved and communicating – this collaboration is sure to benefit any business.


Presenting is all about visuals and information – it has to be intuitive and engaging, otherwise you’re in serious risk of your pitch going awfully, or your showcase not doing your work justice. By using a Surface Hub 2 as your presentation device, you’ll be able to fully promote your work in the best way possible, with a 4K screen giving a crisp display and the intelligent document sharing, multi-user ability, and heightened speaker functions allowing you to make the most of any opportunity.

Creativity Sessions

This might be where the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 comes into its own, with its multi-user functionality allowing entire teams to brainstorm and develop ideas on a single high-powered screen. Simple brainstorming sessions become immersive content-generating events with colorful notes, initial designs, and easy to follow plans, whilst Monday morning meetings go from dull, drab affairs to something that’s well organized, incredibly informative and interesting, and something you love to be a part of every week.

These sessions can easily be held in the office or on the go thanks to the battery pack and stand attachments, which means you can be more mobile and adaptable with your creativity sessions. This means you can move away from draining boardrooms when you’re trying to generate creative ideas.

Video Conferencing

Another area where the device excels is video conferencing – the 50″ screen gives everyone a fantastic view of what’s being shown, a highly-sensitive microphone allows everyone to be heard when they’re sharing their ideas, and rich speakers project sound so that nobody misses a breath. Whether it’s small huddle meetings with your team or a company-wide conference call across all branches and departments, a Microsoft Surface Hub 2 can be adjusted and adapted to give you all of the collaborative features you’ll need.


One area where you might not have thought to use a collaborative technology is in a workshop scenario – previously we would have used flimsy sticky notes on a board to share ideas and talk about the processes, but that’s not always the smartest option. With a device as high powered as Microsoft’s latest offering, you get an interactive digital whiteboard that offers so much more. The applications can be customized to use different colors for different topics, can be integrated with other apps, and used in line with various systems such as Kanban, which gives you a brilliant overview of your tasks in an easy-to-read format.

Unlike with many other devices, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 opens so many more avenues than you might have initially come to realize. You aren’t tied down to a specific platform, place, or style of communication, instead, you’re encouraged to explore new platforms, try different ways of collaborating, and communicating in more inventive and productive ways!

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