The Ring Light That Every Streamer Needs

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The Ring Light That Every Streamer Needs

YouTube is a lucrative side-hustle that can take your love for gaming from a hobby to a full-time job. With more people than ever joining YouTube and experimenting with streaming, it’s a competitive field. Your production quality is one thing that can set you apart from the competition and help you grow your follower count. A ring light for video recording is an essential part of your filming kit.

Ring lights with a stand for YouTube are an innovative 2-in-1 that can streamline your filming experience and make it easier to create high-quality content. If you’re someone who films on your smartphone, it’s a compact filming setup that works in every environment.

This customized right ling for video recording by Auxiwa is a USB-powered device you can take with you for streaming on the go or have as part of your at-home setup.

Why do I need a ring light for video recording?

Before we jump into our review, it’s worth considering why ring lights with a stand for YouTube are an essential part of your kit. When we think of video quality, lighting is non-negotiable. Most gaming streamers for YouTube videos and live streams will include footage of their face they narrate their gameplay.

The quality of the footage you film of yourself is just as important as the quality of your gameplay. Footage that is shot in low lighting or with poor sound quality can feel unwatchable. Your viewers will quickly move onto the next recommended video if they feel like your quality isn’t up to par.

With the right lighting setup, you can use a standard camera and make your video look like a professional production. If there’s any part of your video recording equipment you should invest in, it’s your lighting.

When you have a ring light for video recording, you have the flexibility to film during any time of the day without relying on natural lighting. A ring light is more compact and easier to set up than a lightbox, meaning you can move your setup at a moment’s notice.

A ring light with a stand gives you the flexibility to live stream on the go with your phone. Most smartphones have a 1080p or even 4k quality camera, making it an easy way to film your face while streaming on YouTube or another platform.

Why we’re a fan of this ring light with stand for YouTube

This ring light for video recording is dimmable with 3-color lighting modes to choose from. The tripod-style light stand is compatible with almost every smartphone, regardless of whether you’re using a protective case. It’s lightweight and easy to take with you on the go, whether you’re streaming on vacation or at college.


  • A rotating 360-degree smartphone holder with globe head.
  • Powered by USB port or included adapter
  • Adjustable tripod stand with 4 height levels


  • As it’s a lightweight ring light stand, you’ll need to balance it correctly to prevent it from tipping over.

Light performance options

Warm light (3500K), nature white (5000k), and cool light (6000K) options allow you to adjust the settings of your dimmable ring light depending on where you’re filming. Each of the three color lighting modes has 10 brightness levels to customize your lighting setup.

Height adjustable tripod stand

Everyone has a different streaming setup. You might want a shorter tripod stand that can sit on your desk or one that sits further away for a wide-angle shot. This ring light for video recording offers 4 adjustable height levels, extendable from 27.5″ to 48″.

360-degree rotating cell phone holder

You can film at any angle with the help of this ring light stand. It offers 180-degree adjustable lighting angles and a 360-degree rotating cell phone holder to give you the option of portrait and wide-angle filming. The global head on this tripod stand extends up to 3.6″ wide and is compatible with all popular smartphones.

Power source options

This ring light for video recording can be powered with a USB power or the included adapter that comes with your ring light. As a USB-powered device, you can plug it into a laptop, computer, or power bank to keep your ring light going all day long. The USB power option means you can set up your ring light anywhere.

Wireless remote shutter

Depending on your setup, your ring light for video recording might be out of your reach, making it difficult to press the shutter. This ring light stand includes a wireless remote shutter, which is easy to connect to your smartphone. You can utilize it for both video and photography, turning your ring light into a multi-functional piece of kit that you can use for different projects.

Is this ring light with stand for YouTube worth it?

If you’re someone who wants to jump into the world of streaming without breaking the bank on expensive equipment, this ring light stand for YouTube is the perfect choice for you. It’s a budget-friendly option that offers multiple lighting options, with a 360-degree rotating smartphone holder compatible with Apple and Android phones.

With the option of using the included adapter or USB port, this adjustable tripod stand will take your filming quality to the next level. The wireless remote shutter allows you to set up your ring light anywhere without needing it to be within easy reach. You can experiment with different setup styles and angles to find your signature filming style.

This ring light for video recording works for direct-to-camera YouTube videos or to provide face lighting while live streaming. It’s an affordable way to upgrade your filming set up and help you grow your YouTube or streaming channel.

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