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Top Considerations When Buying a Server Rack — Guide

A server rack is an indispensable furniture piece in every data center. Furniture is designed for housing IT equipment and providing ergonomic storage of large network systems. Cabinets are found everywhere: in DCs, server rooms, factory/industrial floors, etc. Thus, you’re likely to face the need to choose a model for your facility when setting up a business.

Server racks and even used rack servers require particular consideration for proper setup. Although it’s not difficult to install the cabinet, it’s important to foresee many aspects beforehand. However, before you get down to the installation phase, you need to choose a suitable model, which is also a complicated task.

It’s vital to know how to buy a server rack and realize the importance of this stage since proper functioning and system durability directly depend on the correctly selected model. Any mistake at the very beginning of a data center setup can result in significant troubles during its future performance.

Server Rack Features

If you doubt the need to use server racks for IT system accommodation, here are the key reasons to turn to this solution. Specialized furniture pieces:

  • Ensure ergonomic organization, where devices are placed effectively, correctly, and safely;
  • Guarantee enhanced security since telecommunication hardware is reliably fastened to rack uprights and mounting rails, while components are protected from external influences by side walls;
  • Provide efficient cooling due to free air circulation and the use of fans or other ventilation devices;
  • Support diverse applications, which makes them versatile;
  • Make the job easier and simplify maintenance due to well-thought-out constructions and removable panels.

Thus, setting up a network system in specialized furniture is the best solution. Moreover, modern manufacturers offer a huge variety of models. Sysracks comes as a reputable distributor of server furniture. On its website, customers can find a rich assortment of products, starting from a small network rack up to a huge enclosure. If clients need help, managers are ready to assist in picking a proper model.

How to Select an Appropriate Server Furniture Model?

Do you need a furniture model but don’t know where to start? Below, we offer a server rack buying guide so that you avoid many mistakes and be able to find the best option for your case. Make sure to take into account the following criteria:

  • The number of rack units you need. The rack height is measured in units (1U is 1,75 inches), meaning that you need to calculate the height of the devices to be stored in the rack. In this case, 3D visualization will help make the right measurements. By creating a digital layout of a future rack, you can calculate the required height. Usually, one server takes one unit. So, depending on the number of servers and the way to place them, the model is chosen. Other equipment is divided into proportional segments and their heights are calculated.
  • Rack depth. This parameter is usually adjustable since the rear side of most furniture models is sliding. Thus, it’s possible to vary the depth. However, check this point in advance if you need to place extra deep components.
  • Dimensions and fitting. Note that experts suggest leaving extra space from the rear and front sides for future replacements and improvements. You’ll likely need to add more components to improve system capacity. This measure helps eliminate the need to buy another cabinet. Thus, it’s advisable to leave 10% of the available space for future expansion. Besides, loose placement with free space allows the airflow to circulate freely and cool down components more effectively.
  • Functional requirements and aesthetics. Consider AMP as well as plug, outlet, and redundancy requirements to determine what power distribution a cabinet requires. The issue of power feeding is vital to guarantee an interruptible functioning of all units and devices. Make sure to have a powerful PDU that meets the demands of your system. Calculate how much power your devices consume in total and compare it with PDU specs. It’s advisable to select a more powerful PDU to prevent overload.
  • Sound suppression. Finally, think about where your rack is to be placed. If you’re going to install it next to employees, the issue of noise reduction is vital to avoid distraction. Devices perform noisily and can impede the workflow. Consider models that are equipped with noise-reduction solutions or reinforce the existing cabinet with special material for sound absorption. The modern market offers multiple solutions to reduce noise and encourage productivity. These include mats, rubber sprays, foam materials, etc.

The stage of server furniture selection is one of the vital ones since improper choice can lead to hardware malfunction, increased deterioration, and break. Thus, the step requires time and effort to consider all aspects. Keep in mind this guide to buy server rack to find the best solution for your network system and optimize its performance. Following these steps in strict compliance helps prevent mistakes and select a suitable model. As a result, you’ll enjoy high-quality secure housing of network devices and their durable operation without malfunction.

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