Upgrade Your House with These 3 Luxury Items

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Upgrade Your House with These 3 Luxury Items

A nice and cozy home is more important than ever. After all, due to the Corona pandemic, we spend a lot of time indoors as we are not allowed to go out much. Luckily, much of the activities you would normally do outdoors can also be done inside your own home. So it’s time to upgrade your house with some luxury items that will bring you much joy!

Beamer and projection screen

Are you not allowed to go to the cinema? Or do you not feel comfortable enough to go to crowded public spaces? Then why don’t you build a so-called home cinema in your own living or bedroom? The best thing about a cinema is the big screen. But with a beamer and projection screen (Dutch: projectiescherm), you can easily display large projections at home. This really gives you the cinema-experience! And let’s be honest, a coach is way more comfortable than those cinema chairs.

Don’t worry about the small distance between the wall and beamer. A mini beamer or short throw beamer is great for smaller rooms and if you want to paint these rooms other colors there are great services online for this, visit their website for more. The latter can display large projections from an extremely short distance!


Jacuzzis are on the rise! Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, many people have not been able to go on holiday. With the money they saved through not going on vacation, many people bought a jacuzzi to bring some holiday feelings to their own backyard. If you normally go to a spa resort to enjoy the jacuzzi, buying one is a real upgrade for your house. You don’t have to leave the house anymore to go to crowded spa resorts for some relaxation and inner peace, but you can just open your exterior doors and step into your own whirlpool! If you are planning to hire a waterproofing company, visit this link: https://aqualockit.com/mold-removal/. They will help you build a durable and long-lasting jacuzzi. It also reduces the cost of repairs or renovations.

Wine climate cabinet

If you like to go out for dinner or a drink, it’s heartbreaking to see that cafes, bars, and restaurants are closed. And if they are open, for some people it still does not feel comfortable because catering establishments can be really narrow and/or crowded. Luckily you can make it feel like a little bar or restaurant in your own kitchen. Especially if you like good wines and beers, make sure to buy a built-in wine climate cabinet (Dutch: inbouw wijnklimaatkast) is a necessity. With a wine climate cabinet, you can always serve and drink the wines of your preference at the right temperature and humidity control, just like you can do in a fancy restaurant. Why not check out here what is a wine cabinet used for?

Because most Integrated Wine Coolers have different floors with different temperatures, you can store and serve more sorts of wines at their best temperature, while if you have problems with the floors, you could use an Fluted Panel Singapore service for this. Think of whites wines and red wines in one cabinet, and also you can go online to learn how to keep prosecco fresh if this is your wine of preference. And in the cooler you can also store beers! You can also shop at chrisstuff.com for more wine accessories.

Which luxury item(s) would you like to buy for your home?

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