Why Should You Consider ANPR Technology for Your Gates?

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Why Should You Consider ANPR Technology for Your Gates?

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a modern access control system designed to read and record the number plates of multiple vehicles at the same time. This technology can read number plates on cars travelling up to 100 mph (160 km/hour) with high accuracy.

Cyber threats have become prevalent worldwide, and even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic. The growing number of cybercrime cases has shifted our focus to cyber security. While that is important, implementing steps to protect your physical business premises should still be a priority. Your entrance gates serve as the first and most important line of defence for your premises. Along with a secure gate and commercial fencing installation, technology like ANPR is invaluable for keeping your site secure. ANPR is a popular innovation that makes it easy to track the vehicles coming in and out of your premises. If you’re curious about the materials used in security fencing, you might be interested in learning more about what is chain link fence made of. You may also consider installing a durable aluminum fencing with the help of a Fence Business company around your property for security and privacy. Understanding the construction can be essential when considering advanced technologies like ANPR for your gates

Although ANPR was primarily designed for road policing, it’s become a popular choice for commercial premises. This car parking management system works for all sizes and types of businesses. Here’s why every business with a dedicated space for car parking should consider ANPR technology.

Easy Access to Authorized Vehicles

A robust gate or a barrier at your entrance makes sense, especially if you’re located in an area with a high crime rate. It guarantees the best protection against intruders. However, as secure as these gates are, they can cause inconvenience to employees and visitors entering and exiting your site. You may want to consider a smart system that allows your customers, employees, and business associates to come and go without hassle.

A manual vehicle monitoring system can be time-consuming. If your vendors are on a tight schedule, they may find manual checking inconvenient. If only one vehicle can enter through your main gate, manual checking will also be frustrating for others waiting outside in the meantime. That’s where the ANPR technology comes into the picture.

ANPR reads the number plates of all vehicles coming in and out of your premises and matches them against a database to ensure only authorized cars are given access, eliminating manual checking.

It is Secure

You can do everything possible to make your manual checking system as efficient and effective as possible. However, this doesn’t eliminate the risk of human error. Even a small mistake, like failing to check the number plate or letting an unauthorized vehicle on your premises, can have devastating consequences.

With ANPR technology, you can rest assured knowing that only authorized vehicles will enter your parking space. The technology offers 99% accuracy, allowing you to spot unauthorized cars and decline their entry.

Tracking Employee’s Entry

The uses of ANPR systems go beyond security. They also allow you to manage your resources efficiently. In addition to tracking number plates and granting authorized vehicles entry to your premises, ANPR gives you a clear picture of how and when your employees come and go.

The system can be integrated with your HR management software, helping you manage shift check in or track late-comers. Instead of having to log your employee’s entry and exit times manually, you can integrate ANPR with HR software to have this information recorded automatically. With ANPR technology on your gates, you’ll find employees are more likely to arrive and leave on time.

ANPR is secure and cost-effective. It saves you the cost of employing people to check vehicle number plates manually. Plus, you can issue fines to unauthorized vehicles parking on your premises or penalise employees who arrive late.

Simplified Parking Management

ANPR is a versatile tool that can be combined with various types of software. Moreover, the system works flawlessly with the parking management tools.

If you have assigned parking spaces for each employee, for example, ANPR can help identify whether a vehicle is parked in its allotted space. It’s also easier to resolve parking issues quickly when you have an automated system for tracking number plates. Knowing who the car belongs to will save you the time of finding the assigned parking space for each vehicle.

Used as Evidence

Safety is the greatest benefits of ANPR technology. Just as CCTV captures everyone entering your premises, ANPR logs the time of vehicle entries and exits. It helps you identify when a vehicle entered your place and when it left. Should any security breach occur, your ANPR system can be used as proof showing whether the vehicle in question entered your site and when exactly it left.

The Bottom Line

ANPR does not need any additional software or hardware to work. It offers 24/7 monitoring and processes all information seamlessly, while being quick and easy to install. The automatic number plate recognition comes with optical character recognition tools that can read dozens of number plates, during the day and at night. ANPR works best in commercial settings that experience heavy traffic and have strict rules when it comes to unauthorized entry.

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