How to Acquire CompTIA A+ Credential Using 220-1001 Practice Tests?

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How to Acquire CompTIA A+ Credential Using 220-1001 Practice Tests?

Every college and university churns out fresh graduates to the job market each year. The journey of creating an illustrious career starts, but it is never easy at the beginning. However, it becomes easier with a professional credential. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) ensures that entry-level IT professionals have a credential to spring them up their IT career path. We bring to your attention CompTIA 220-1001 exam and how you can get your CompTIA A+ certification using practice tests.

An Explanation of CompTIA 220-1001 Exam

Exam 220-1001 is the first of two exams required to get the CompTIA A+ certification badge. The exam focuses on variety of skill areas, namely:

After CompTIA 220-1001, you need to take CompTIA 220-1002 exam. Exam 220-1002 is about troubleshooting software, operational processes, installation and configuration of operating systems, and expanded security.

These two exams test various skill areas you need to focus on in your revision. The skill domains are namely:

  • The implementation of data storage, backup, and recovery solutions
  • Configuration of device operating systems such as Mac, Android, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, among others
  • Offering IT networking and infrastructure support
  • Solving any core service issues in the enterprise system
  • Talent to implement system security capabilities
  • Supporting IT infrastructure and networking

There are multiple ways you can prepare for your exams. One way is through practice tests. So, what is the value of such tests?

1. To focus on major skill areas

As the name suggests, practice tests can allow you to focus more on the above-listed skill areas by using more than one practice test to tackle each skill area exhaustively. For example, if you need to address network troubleshooting, you will focus on all questions related to the topic before going to another domain.

2. To assess your preparedness

Towards the end of your revision, you can apply practice tests to check how prepared you are for the exam. Since each of the test is opened in the special test-environment, you can track your results and see the areas in which you are weak in. In addition, practicing these tests more, you can improve your results.

3. Find the most updated tests

To check your readiness for the test, find the most updated practice tests. They should contain the most actual information. How you will know this? First, you’ll study the exam objectives, then read books and attend courses, and after you’ve learned all the topics, you find these precious practice tests. Start from free ones, of they are up –to-the topics, use them without doubts. They are your key to success at your 220-1001+ exam.

In a nutshell

Using updated practice tests is essential if you’ve set the goal to earn the A+ badge. They are of great value on the final step of your preparation process, though you can use some to revise the definite topic and move further. Through practicing with such mock tests, you’ll become closer to the CompTIA A+ certification. Having it, you can become an End User Computing Technician, Associate Network Engineer, or System Support Specialist. The average salary with the A+ badge is $61,316, still, you can earn up to $141,000 as per a survey done by

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