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CentOS Web Panel is a free control panel you can use to manage your VPS. It is one of the best free alternatives to cPanel which is a paid tool. Although doesn’t offer as fancy interface as cPanel, CentOS Web Panel comes with rich enough features. CentOS allows you to add a new domain, manage services or manage files using its simple file manager. One of the interesting things about CentOS Web Panel is that is integrated with Let’s Encrypt. You can install free SSL provided by Let’s Encrypt on all domains you have on CentOS Web Panel.

Some things should be done manually in CentOS Web Panel. For instance, if you want to install WordPress or other CMS, you have to do so manually since CentOS Web Panel doesn’t offer a script installer like cPanel. What about adding new domain?

Adding a new domain in CentOS Web Panel is extremely straightforward. To add a new domain in CentOS Web Panel first you need to create a new user. You can actually add multiple domains for a single user, but it is more suggested to create a new user every time you want to add a new domain in CentOS Web Panel. When creating a new user in CentOS Web Panel, you are required to add a new domain.

To add a new user and also a new domain in CentOS Web Panel, click User Accounts menu on the side panel and select New Account.

On the Create a New Account page, enter your domain name and your desired username. Also replace the default password with your password.

You can also set the process limit as well as open files. If you have no idea what are these, simply click the Create button.

That’s it. You have successfully added a new domain in CentOS Web Panel. To check the existing domains on CentOS Web Panel, you can click the User Accounts menu on the side panel and select List Accounts. After adding a new domain CentOS Web Panel, don’t forget to change the name server of your domain to direct the domain to your VPS server.

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