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How to Add a New Tool in GIMP

GIMP, a free image editing tool alternative to Photoshop, has a customizable interface. By default, it comes with a bunch of tools available on the Toolbox panel. If you think that the default tools provided by GIMP are too much, you can disable several of them to make your GIMP looks more minimalist.

GIMP 2.10 has about 44 tools in total with more than half are enabled by default. You do not necessarily need all those tools. Probably, the enabled-by-default tools are the ones you don’t need, and vice versa.

Once again, GIMP has a customizable interface in which you are allowed to enable the tools you need as well as disable the ones you don’t need. In case you need to add a new tool in GIMP, you can go to Edit -> Preferences. On the appearance toolbox dialog, you can click the Toolbox¬†option under the Interface section.

To enable/disable certain tools, simply click on the eye icon on each tool.

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