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One of handy features offered by Todoist is recurring task. You can use this feature to set a reminder toward regular tasks to ensure you are not going to miss a thing. For instance, if you are a blogger who are used to backing up your blog database in the month end, you can add a recurring task in Todoist to do so. This way, you will never miss any regular task anymore.

If you install Todoist on mobile device, such as smartphone or smart watch, you will even get notified once the time to get the task done has come.

Adding a recurring task in Todoist is extremely easy. First off, select a project where you wish your recurring task to belong to.

Next, add a task just like usual, but before pressing the Add Task button click the Schedule button/column inside the task composer. You can actually type certain keyword on the Schedule field right away, but you need to be Todoist master first being able to do so.

A calendar pop-up will appear once you pressed the Schedule button. To check out all of the Todoist-recognized keywords, you can click the question mark.

Again, a pop-up will appear showing all of the Todoist-recognized keywords (on the Input column). If you can’t find the keyword you want, you can select the closest one and modify it. For instance, if you want to add a regular task you want to perform on the 26th each month, you can select “every 27th” keyword and edit it on the Schedule column (see screencast below).

Once you set the keyword, you can then click the Add Task button or simply hit the enter button on your keyboard. In order to get the most out of recurring feature on Todoist, it’s strongly recommended to install Todoist in mobile device.

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