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How to Add Recurring Tasks in TickTick

The vast majority of people have regular tasks to be done routinely. For instance, if you are a database administrator, chances are you have a monthly task to create a backup of the databases you maintain. To ensure you are not going to miss any regular task, you can create reminders to notify you once the time to do those tasks has come.

TickTick is one of the task management tools that allows you to add recurring tasks. By maximizing this feature, you won’t miss any regular task you supposed to do anymore.

If you install TickTick on your smartphone, you will also get notified once the time to get the tasks done has come. TickTick itself is available for a wide range of platforms. From Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Furthermore, TickTick also provides browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. If you have an Apple Watch or Wear OS-based wearable gadgets, you can also install TickTick on them. Simply put, TickTick is a flexible task management since you can access your tasks, as well as adding new ones, across-device.

In this example, I am going to demonstrate how to add a recurring task on TickTick. I have a monthly task to backup the database of this blog (, so I will use it as the example. I use the the web version TickTick on this example.

  • First off, open the web of TickTick and login with your account.
  • Select a list where you want to put the task to (or create a new one).

  • Add the list and click the calendar icon inside the task creator box. A pop up will appear. Select on what date the task should be done each month and click the Set Repeat button (see clip below).

Done. In order to get the most out of recurring feature in TickTick, I suggest you to install the TickTick app on your smartphone. The TickTick app on smartphone will notify you once a recurring task has to be done.

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