The email signature editor of Yahoo! Mail doesn’t allow you to add social media icon. However, there are some email signature generator out there which you can use to add social media icon to your signature. One of our recommendations is MySignature. This email signature generator allows you to create a professional email signature effortlessly. All you need to do is select the available template, enter the information you want to add to the signature, copy the code and paste it to the signature editor of the email service you use.

You can use MySignature to create a professional email signature to popular email services. From Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook. Regarding the social media icon, there are a bunch of social media icons you can add to your signature. From Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook to Tumblr.

Here is how to create a professional email signature MySignature.

First, visit the website of MySignature and and click the Sign up button to create an account. You can use MySignature for free, but your signature will be bothered by MySignature watermark. The cheapest plan offered by MySignature (for a single signature) costs only $4 per month.

Login to the MySignature dashboard and click the New signature button to start creating a signature.

Enter the information you want to add to the signature. Like name, company name, position, email address and so on. To add your photo, you can switch to the Images tab.

To add your social media, switch to the Social tab. Click the social media icons you want to add to your signature and enter the URLs of your social media profiles. Next, click the Choose template button right below the signature preview to select a template.

Once done creating your signature, click the Finish button beneath the preview and click the Copy to clipboard button to copy your signature to clipboard.

Next, login to Yahoo! Mail and click the Settings button followed by More Settings button.

Click the Writing email link on the left panel and slide the button on the Signature option to enable the signature. Paste your email signature to the editor.

Final thoughts

Signature is a vital enough element of email. Especially if you use your email for business. Signature can represents who you are to your clients without telling much about your self. The default signature editor of popular email services like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail don’t allow to add social media icon to your signature. Thankfully, there are tools like MySignature which you can use create a more professional-look email signature.


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