How to Avoid Burnout and Score Above 95% in the Class 12 Maths Exam?

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How to Avoid Burnout and Score Above 95% in the Class 12 Maths Exam?

Mathematics is that one subject that comes in handy even after you are done with your schooling and college. From simple addition to percentage, we use it in our day-to-day lives. When it comes to your 12th and if you have chosen mathematics, it is essential that you put your complete focus on the subject as scoring above 95% is not a difficult chore, but requires your utter dedication. And yes, it is quite possible that you might feel burnout when you study too much. But, we have the right tips for you that can help you in your studies and ensure you score above 95. From NCERT solutions for class 12 to healthy ideas, read ahead to know more.

Class 12 Syllabus

Three Dimensional Geometry

  • Direction Cosines and Lines
  • Plane
  • Linear Programming


  • Conditional Probability and Independent Events
  • Bayes Theorem and Probability Distribution

Vector Algebra

  • Algebra of Vectors
  • Dot and Cross Products of Two Vectors

Differential Equation

  • Formation of Differential Equations
  • Solution of Different Types of Differential Equations


  • Types of Integrals

Continuity and Differentiability

  • Continuity
  • Differentiability


  • Matrix and Operations of Matrices
  • Transpose of a Matrix and Symmetric Matrix
  • The inverse of a Matrix by Elementary Operations

Relations and Functions

  • Concept of Relations and Functions
  • Binary Operations
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Application of Derivatives

  • Rate Measure Approximations and Increasing-Decreasing Functions
  • Tangents and Normals
  • Maxima and Minima


  • Expansion of Determinants
  • Properties of Determinants
  • The inverse of Matrix and Application of Determinants and Matrix

The first step to scoring well in your class 12 is to understand all the chapters well and plan your study schedule. For your study schedule, you can use this method. Make sure you first divide the chapters into difficult and easy. Now, calculate the number of days to your exam. Divide that into three segments. The ratio should be 50:30:20. The first segment is to study all the chapters, the second to revise, and the third to practise question papers. Start with the most difficult subject and then proceed to the easiest ones. Even in between your studies, revise every day before you start.

Let’s say, you study one chapter today and tomorrow you start another, now before starting the next one, make sure you quickly revise whatever was studied previously.

Other Tips to Score Above 95% in Class 12

Follow Your Study Schedule

You can either follow a type of schedule mentioned above, or come up with your own. However, it is important to understand that you must always prepare a realistic schedule, something you will be able to follow every day. Otherwise, it is going to go to waste. Sometimes, we end up creating and recreating schedules without following them. Therefore, you need to come up with the right study plan.

Understand the Question Paper

Don’t underestimate the power of understanding the question paper. Make sure you study the type of paper you are going to get. See how many multiple option questions you get, long answer questions etc. Now, prepare accordingly. If there are any important questions present in the guide books or textbooks, make sure you give it utmost importance. Also, there are some questions that get repeated in the question paper. Check it out. See which chapter it belongs to. Changes are, you will get another question from the same chapter too.

Be Thorough With NCERT Books

Don’t waste your time with books that are non authentic, instead, stick to NCERT books only. They are designed by expert teachers and it can help you prepare well.

Finally, solve at least ten years worth question papers. Solving question papers is exceptionally important. It not only helps you understand the paper and get in the mode of exams, but you can also learn the art of managing time.

In exams, managing time is very important. It ensures you are able to write everything you have learnt within the given time, which increases your chances of scoring high.

How to Avoid Burnout While Studying

Always Create Reasonable Goals

One of the mistakes we make when it comes to studying is that we sometimes end up creating unreasonable goals. That’s a big mistake. It leads to guilt when you are unable to complete the portions and since they are unreasonable, most of the time, you may not be able to complete it. Therefore, make sure your goals are something you can accomplish.

Never Procrastinate

Procrastination leads to burnouts. Even though you are not able to complete things on time, you are thinking about it all the time. Postponement leads to guilt and it leads to a sense of frustration.

Take Breaks

Breaks are good. It helps you keep calm and rejuvenate. For instance, if you have been studying extensively every day. Taking a break once in ten days will help you relax. It only helps with your studies as you pick up the books after the break with a fresh mind. Even during your studies, take continuous breaks. For instance, you can take breaks every hour for 10 or 15 minutes.

Sleep Well

If you are a night owl, even then start early and don’t study post 11. It is important to sleep on time and wake up on time. You need at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day. You can buy weeds online to aid in relaxation and promote better sleep quality.

Eat a Nutritious Meal

Don’t neglect your health because of your studies. You need to eat a well-balanced meal and drink liquid kratom to make sure you are able to grasp whatever you study.

Finally, do things you enjoy too. Don’t spend all the time only studying. That can overwhelm you and make you frustrated. In fact, spend some time cultivating your hobbies like searching for free games win real money too. Take things easily and always be calm. This can help you score well and keep out the burnout from your 12th.

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