How to Choose the Best Shopify Chatbots for Your Ecommerce online Store

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How to Choose the Best Shopify Chatbots for Your Ecommerce online Store

Who doesn’t think chatbots are great? Many companies use Shopify chatbots to help customers buy products online. An AI chatbot is the right choice for businesses looking to engage customers. These chatbots work as virtual personal shoppers.

So, if you want personal help, sites with online chatbots are ideal. These apps improve the customer service for companies using them. The best bots in the industry increase your revenue. They also help you build relationships with customers.

Moreover, these bots help you make sales quicker than ever before, which is always welcome. But, if you haven’t used chatbots before, it can be challenging to determine which app would work for you.

Here’s how you can choose the best Shopify chatbots for your online store:

Look for Versatile Chatbots

This tip is ideal for those wanting multi-functional bot apps. After all, to most people, an AI chatbot is yet another marketing tool, right? Sure, these bots help intrigue customers and boost sales for companies, but that’s only half the picture.

You can think of chatbots as extensions of human customer service agents. So, to embody real agents, they need to be versatile in more than one way. For instance, a good chatbot app should have various templates and other features.

Any chatbot based on a template that matches your site is good to go. But, not all Shopify chatbots come with diverse templates. So, you should look for one that has these options in the early stages of establishing your business. You should know that bots with template options don’t come cheap, though.

Whatever the case is, one thing’s for sure: using a Shopify chatbot is often worth the investment. Several online brands achieve good results with the best shopping bots available today. But, using a template isn’t the only way to make the most out of a bot.

Companies offering you versatile chatbots can have an array of features. You can use these features to benefit online businesses. For instance, several companies now have bots with emotional intelligence. These bots also have the maturity to hold conversations.

In other words, there are good options available if you’re willing to splurge on them. These options help reduce the resolution time on customer queries. So, it’s easy to see why customers favor sites with such AI chatbots.

Consider Pricing

It doesn’t make sense to choose a Shopify chatbot that’s great but pricey. After all, there are likely other things on your site that you’d need to spend the big bucks on. Ensure you establish a strict budget and stick to it no matter what.

If you do, you won’t spend too much money on an app when you have other expenses to consider. But, you shouldn’t disqualify chatbot apps based on their price alone. There are several pricey apps available today that offer great features.

But, these apps don’t charge more than other chatbot apps available online. There are cases in which free chatbots work well for companies, but these are rare. A good Shopify bot will have more advanced features than a free version.

If you’re considering the long-term growth of your business, paid bots are the answer. After all, first impressions matter for most users. So, you don’t want a potential customer to run away with the idea that you can’t afford a good chatbot app.

Check for Integration

Often, chatbots have impressive integration features. These features allow you to integrate the customer support and sales functions online. So, you don’t need to divide these functions and figure out how to deal with each. Instead, your customers can navigate from one to the other with ease.

Such integration enhances your output and helps you bring in more revenue. So, you wouldn’t think twice about shelling out on Shopify chatbots that offer this feature. Many companies prefer using CRM and other such tools to rope in customers. But, these tools aren’t always the most effective.

Think about it, how many times did you open promotional emails and buy from the sites sending them? The more effective sales-boosting option here is resolving customer complaints. This option also includes solving queries in real-time.

So, a chatbot that can integrate this query-solving with sales is ideal for you. After all, what good is a resolved query if it doesn’t end in conversion for your business? Besides, these apps boost conversion rates for online companies.

Reliable sources state that bots give users thrice as much conversion as emails. This rise in conversion rates isn’t difficult to believe for several reasons. One, chatbots resolve queries that users have about products and services.

These queries often become obstacles preventing them from purchasing products or services online. So, since a chatbot takes care of these queries, it removes the obstacles for customers. Customers perceive this as an improved purchasing experience which improves retention rates too.

The removal of obstacles to sales is an important form of integration. This integration is with the sales function. So, look for Shopify chatbot apps that have the best problem-solving capabilities. Some bots even allow you to add to the cart which is another impressive feature.

The Verdict

Several other factors determine the perfect choice for Shopify chatbots. But, outlining all of them is beyond the scope of one article. Instead, we focused on the crucial features of a good AI bot.

If you have enough experience running an online business, you likely have a bot already. But, likely, you don’t have the right chatbot to boost your sales online. With the right bot by your side, you wouldn’t boost sales alone; you’d improve customer retention too.

So, if you’re in two minds about purchasing a chatbot app, you can rely on this guide to help you decide. After all, the stats on the effects of chatbots are impressive, all things considered. A good bot also offers you detailed reports to help you decide whether it’s effective.

You can then analyze these reports to understand how the chatbot benefits you. After all, the proof is in the pudding concerning online shopping. You don’t want to invest in an app that doesn’t give you the results you desire.
So, keep your eyes peeled for the best Shopify chatbots using our tips and you won’t go wrong.

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