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How to Connect and Point Your Domain in Kinsta

Kinsta is a popular enough name on the WordPress scene. It is a hosting service that offers premium infrastructure powered by Google Cloud Platform and Cloudflare. Unlike traditional WordPress hosting services which usually offer domain registration, Kinsta requires you to buy a domain from a third-party service. Because of this, you need to connect your domain to allow your visitors to access your WordPress hosted on Kinsta via your domain name.

On Kinsta itself, you can add multiple domains. But you can only connect domains according to the plan you subscribe to. If you subscribe to the Starter plan, for instance, you can only connect one domain. Here is how to connect your domain in Kinsta.

Step 1: Add Kinsta Name Servers to Your Domain

Connecting your domain in Kinsta involves two steps. For the first step, you need to add the Kinsta name servers to your domain. To get the Kinsta name servers, first, login to the Kinsta dashboard with your account. Once logged in, click the DNS menu and you should see the name servers you need.

Next, login to the service you bought your domain from to manage it. Select the domain name and manage it. Find a menu item labelled Nameserver Settings (or the similar name) and select it.

Replace the existing name servers with the Kinta name servers. Make sure to click the Change Namesever button to apply the changes.

Step 2: Add the DNS Record

In this step, you will need to add the IP address of your website. To find it, click the WordPress Sites menu on the Kinsta dashboard and select your website.

You can find your IP address on Environment details section on the Info tab.

Next, go back to the DNS menu and click your website.

Before start adding a new DNS record, check whether there are DNS records already exist. If you find existing DNS records, you can delete them first. Once done deleting, click the Add a DNS record button to add a new record.

On the appearing window, add your IP address on the IPv4 address field under the A tab. On the Hostname field, you can leave it empty. Click the Add DNS record.

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your name server to propagate. So, be patient.

After completing the above steps, login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Settings -> General. Replace the temporary domain with your domain name on the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) fields.

Make sure to click the Save Changes button to apply the change.

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