How to Control the Audio Track Volume in Filmora9

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How to Control the Audio Track Volume in Filmora9

Audio is a vital enough element of a video. When editing a video with Filmora9, you can add an audio track as the back sound of the video you are editing. Filmora9 has a built-in audio controller that you can use to adjust the volume of an audio track on the timeline.

In case you haven’t known, Filmora9 offers about 76 audio tracks which you can access via the library area under the Audio tab. If you find none of the audio tracks offered by Filmora9 interesting, you can download audio files from sites like HookSounds and Bensound (read the list).

To adjust the audio volume of a track in Filmora9, first, select (click) the audio track you want to adjust the volume of on the timeline and click the Edit tool (the mixer icon). Or, you can simply double-click the track. This will open the audio controller panel.

Once the audio control panel opens, you can set the volume by sliding the volume controller. In addition to adjusting the overall audio volume, you can also set the left as well as the right volume (for headsets and earphones). There are also options to set the fade in, fade out, pitch, and the equalizer. Click the OK button once you are done adjusting the volume.

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