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How to Convert an EPUB file to Mobi

We once reviewed CleverPDF, a great online PDF tool that you can use to convert a PDF file into formats like Word, Excel, image, and vice versa — to convert from those formats to PDF. Recently, the developer of the app has just released a new feature that enables you to convert an EPUB file to Mobi. This post will show you how to use CleverPDF to convert an EPUB file into the Mobi format.

Both EPUB and Mobi are popular ebook formats, but not all ebook reader devices have the capability to read those two formats. Kindle, for instance. This ebook reader doesn’t support EPUB format. If you have some ebooks in the EPUB format, you need to convert them first into a format that can be read by Kindle. Mobi is one of which.

How to convert EPUB to Mobi using CleverPDF

As mentioned earlier, the developer of CleverPDF has just released a new feature that enables you to convert EPUB to Mobi. Converting an EPUB file to Mobi with CleverPDF is extremely straightforward. You just need to select the file you want to convert and click the convert button. Once converting is done, you can download the converted file to your computer or save it to Dropbox or Google Drive. CleverPDF itself can be used for free.

To get started, visit this page and click the Choose file button to select an EPUB file from your computer.

CleverPDF will upload your EPUB file automatically as you select it. Once uploaded, click the Start conversion button to start converting.

Wait a moment until CleverPDF is done converting your file. Once done, click the Download button to download your Mobi file. Or, if you want to save your Mobi file to Dropbox or Google Drive, simply click the icon next to the Download button.

At the time of writing, CleverPDF can only convert EPUB to Mobi and can’t do the opposite, convert Mobi to EPUB.

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