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How to Convert Google Docs to Markdown

Markdown is basically projected to become an alternative to HTML. Which mean, the use of Markdown documents supposed to be for web. Apparently, the use of Markdown is wider than it might expected. Writers use Markdown to write something they want to write. App developers use Markdown to write a readme file of the app they are developing. And much more.

Today, there have been so many tools to makes it easy for you creating Markdown documents. While you can create new Markdown documents using your favorite Markdown editor, it is also possible if you want to convert other document formats into Markdown. For instance, you probably want to convert your existing documents on Google Docs to Markdown.

Currently, Google Docs hasn’t had a built-in feature to enable you converting Google Docs documents into Markdown. But, there is an add-on called “Export as Markdown” to enhance Google Docs functionality. This add-on enables you to convert existing Google Docs documents into Markdown. This add-on works by making your preferred document as an email attachment. Before the document be sent, the add-on will convert it into Markdown in advance.

  • Login to Google Docs and choose a document. Click the Add-ons menu and select Get add-ons.

  • Search for “Export as Markdown” on the available search box and hit enter. Click the FREE button to install it on your Google Docs. Before¬†Export as Markdown be installed, you will be prompted to make an authorization.

  • Open a document you want to convert to Markdown. Click the Add-ons menu and select Export as Markdown –>¬†Email as attachment to yourself.

Now, please check your email. You should see a new message with an attachment of your preferred Markdown document.

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