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How to Convert PDF from and to DWG File | PDF Agile Free PDF Software Review


Everything in this era is going digital: schools, businesses, or office jobs. All the documents get created on a computer; therefore, PDF files are ideal for sharing information and content with others. The most notable aspect of such writings is that the subject remains unchanged. The opening and conversion into other files remain intact.

For content sharing, the PDF document is the best option. At the same time, PDF editing has numerous technological components, so the service is not free. The latest editors aid in quickly and accurately editing files, including converting PDF to Word. They allow you to edit and change the document’s image without converting it to a different format. In this article, we will see the possible conversion of PDF to DWG and DWG to PDF using a fantastic PDF to DWG converter.

Part 1: What is the DWG File

DWG is a file that contains two and three-dimensional vector graphics and originally was an acronym for the word drawing. CAD (computer-aided design) programs are strongly related to DWG files. Drafters, architects, and engineers commonly use DWG files to create design sketches.

DWG files help create specialized plans and designs for a range of industries. Many specialists rely on DWG files to bring programs to life, from engineers combing over the newest design standards for a new project to architects and town planners developing public spaces.

To open a DWG file, you’ll need professional CAD software. Once you’ve done that, you will likely come across layers of detailed technical specs, drawings, and diagrams.
DWG files contain vector images and metadata to support the vector image designations. Instead of relying on off-book information to support their work, the author can fully flesh out their 2D and 3D ideas on the screen.

Part 2: What is PDF

Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open file format for transferring electronic documents. View PDF-encoded documents, forms, photos, and web pages on any device, including smartphones and tablets. If you send your reports in PDF format, you can rest assured that everyone on your team will be able to view and read them on their PCs, Macs, or Android phones.

PDF/A is a PDF variant meant to preserve digital documents for lengthy periods. It disables various PDF capabilities incompatible with long-term archiving so that when a user accesses the record in the future, it looks precisely the same as it did when it was archived.

It is good to note that with a PDF to DWG converter, you can easily convert PDF to DWG and another file format you would want to.

Part 3: How to Convert PDF to DWG?

To easily convert PDF to DWG, you can use PDF Agile, a very easy-to-use converter for converting PDF files to different file formats. Follow these steps to carry this out:

Step 1: Launch PDF Agile to Choose PDF to DWG.

Download and launch the app, then click on “online tools” to get a list of formats to convert to. Now, select PDF to DWG.

Step 2: Upload PDF File

Drag and drop the appropriate PDF file online or choose it from your PC to convert to DWG format.

Step 3: Choose Convert

Upload the chosen PDF file and tap the “Convert” icon.

Step 4: Complete PDF DWG Conversion

Wait for the tool to finish the PDF to DWG conversion process, which should take a few seconds. The online application will generate a DWG file from the converted PDF, which you can readily download.

Part 4: How to Convert DWG to PDF?

To Convert DWG to PDF, follow these simple steps to get it done in a few minutes.

Step 1: Launch PDF Agile and Select DWG to PDF

Launch the app and click on “online tools” to get a list of formats to convert to. Now, select DWG to PDF.

Step 2: Upload DWG File

Drag and drop the desired DWG file onto the online DWG to PDF converter or choose it from your system. It can convert files containing graphics, diagrams, and text with ease.

Step 3: Convert DWG to PDF

Select “Convert to PDF” from the drop-down menu. Agile will begin converting the DWG to PDF, which will take a few seconds, thanks to the excellent conversion engine.

Step 4: Download File

When the procedure is finished, PDF Agile will show you the converted PDF file, which you can free download.

Part 5: PDF Agile Features

PDF Agile is an excellent program that helps you easily convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, pictures, and CAD and keep the original formatting. It also helps your workflows and organizes and alters PDF pages. Merge and divide documents, drag and drop pages within a file or across documents, and apply stamps, watermarks, headers, and footers, among other features.


  • You may switch between Reader Mode, Full-Screen Mode, and Slideshow with only one click.
  • Without sacrificing fonts or formatting, convert any PDF to and from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Convert or scan a variety of file formats to PDF, which may be viewed on nearly any device using any PDF reader.
  • Without going back to the source files, quickly and easily modify PDF documents, including scans.
  • Use full-featured commenting capabilities to freely mark up the texts, making it easier for creators to review the PDF documents.
  • Password-protect your PDF to prevent unwanted access to the file’s content, especially while sharing or archiving it.
  • Delete confidential information from your PDF documents, including specific text and illustrations.
  • You can electronically sign contracts or other papers in three ways, saving time and paper.
  • Merge and divide documents, drag and drop pages within a file or across documents, and apply stamps, watermarks, headers, and footers.
  • With our advanced full-text Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that supports 22 languages and special symbols, you can extract text from any image or scanned PDF document.

Part 6: PDF Agile Pros and Cons

PDF Agile is an excellent PDF to DWG editor with significant pros and a few cons.


  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • Free Download
  • It’s simple to add page numbers to a PDF.
  • Convert PDF files offline
  • It’s simple to insert hyperlinks or anchor links into a PDF.
  • Convert your PDF into an eye-catching presentation.
  • Create, edit, and extract text from screenshots (OCR).
  • Resize your PDF document.
  • Money-back guarantee after the first 30 days.
  • Customer support available.
  • Pocket-friendly paid plan.
  • OCR supports up to 22 languages and special symbols.


  • 24/7 customer support is not a guarantee.
  • Free users are limited to a few features.

Part 7: Final Verdict

PDF Agile lets you quickly edit documents like a word processor, change font size, line spacing, document layout, and even add pictures. This DWG to PDF converter allows you to easily convert DWG to PDF and PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, images, and CAD. You’ll always get a professional and high-quality output when using PDF Agile to convert PDF to DWG.

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