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How to Convert Video Format on VLC

VLC is more than a video player. It is a versatile multimedia application. There are a wide range of things outside of playing video which you can do with VLC. One of which is converting a certain video format to another one.

Why converting a video format while you can open it using VLC?

Well, the reason can be vary. Probably, you want to transfer your video to your mobile device, while the video player on your mobile doesn’t support the current format of video you want to transfer.

Converting a video format to another one is extremely straightforward in VLC. You can convert all video formats that can be played on VLC (see the list here) to such formats as MP4, MKV, FLV and so on. When converting, you can also set the start time of the video you want to format.

To start converting, simply launch VLC on your computer. Click the Media menu and select Convert/Save.

On the appearing window, stick to the File tab and click the Add button to select a video.

After selecting the video you want to convert, click the Convert/Share button. If you want to change some default settings, you can click the Show more options link.

On the next window, select the output format by clicking the wrench icon.

Select the destination file by clicking the Browse button. Once you specified a destination file, simply click the Start button and VLC will be starting to convert your video. The conversion process can takes seconds or minutes depending on the duration of your video as well as the file size.

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