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How to Create A New Database in cPanel

Every web application you run on cPanel requires a database. cPanel actually has a phpMyAdmin feature, but the phpMyAdmin on cPanel (if you use a shared hosting service) has no functionality to create a database. You can only use it to manage the tables on a database. cPanel offers a different tool to create a new database.

To create a new database in cPanel, you can click MySQL Database on the DATABASES section.

Enter the database name you want on the New Database field and click the Create Database button.

cPanel has a predefined prefix for the databases (as you can see on the New Database field). If you type something like “new_database”, the exact name of your new database is “prefix_your typed database name”. On the example above, the database name is “elew1345_new_database”.

By default, your new database has no privileged user, meaning that it cannot be used by any existing user until you grant the privilege to a user. To grant a privilege to a user, scroll down to the Add User To Database section. Select a user you want to grant the privilege to — as well as the database — from the dropdown menu and click the Add button.

Select the privileges you want to grant and click the Make Changes button. If you want to grant all privileges, simply tick the ALL PRIVILEGES option.

If you want, you can also create a new user for your new database. To do so, go to the MySQL Users section. Enter your database username as well as the password on the available fields and click the Create User button.

Same as the databases, cPanel also has a predefined prefix for usernames. If you type something like “username”, your exact username is “prefix_username”.

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