How to Create and Edit Videos Smoothly Online Using FlexClip

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How to Create and Edit Videos Smoothly Online Using FlexClip

For those who need to create and edit videos often, they will find some video editing software like DaVinci Resolve, Lightworks, or some online video editing websites such as FlexClip.

FlexClip combines many of the outstanding features from video cutting, splitting, to adding music from the computer, and inserting text. The following article will guide you on how to create and edit videos on FlexClip.

How to create a video from templates available on FlexClip

Step 1:

Users visit the FlexClip homepage by following the link below.

At the interface, click Sign Up to register an account using FlexClip. After that, log in to your account.

Step 2:

After creating and logging in to your account, you will access the My Project interface. Here you will see many video templates that have been created for you to change the content as you like. If you want to use an existing video template to edit and customize, hover over the video and select Edit to continue.

Step 3:

FlexClip will split the video into different segments, with different content for users to easily edit.

If users want to add a new segment, click the Plus icon in the Storyboard bar. Now it shows three methods to get content:

  • Add Stock Media: Use video stock available in FlexClip.
  • Add Local Media: Add media files on the computer.
  • Add Background: Insert background for the video.

Step 4:

By selecting a text object on each segment, it will show you different text editing options, displayed through the icons at the top of the content.

  • Text Font: Choose a font style.
  • Text Color: Select the color of the text.
  • Text size and the format of bold, italic, underline.
  • Align: Align text.
  • Position: The position to display words.
  • Adjust Text: Adjust the time that text is displayed in the video segment. You now have the word duration bar above the video segment timeline to adjust it.
  • Remove Text: Delete the text.

Next down are three icons to change the scene for the video. If you do not want to use this video, click the Globe icon to use the video stock available, the Upload icon to select the video included in the computer, and the Microphone icon to add audio recording into the video.

Step 5:

Looking down the Storyboard bar below, when hovering over each scene, it will have three different icons:

  • Play From Here: Play this video segment.
  • Duplicate: Duplicate this segment.
  • Transitions: Add transitions.

When clicking Transition, you have many different transition styles. Click on the type of effect you want to use and then click Apply.

Step 6:

Once completed, press the Export Video button above to export the video.

With the free account, you can only download videos up to 480p. In the Video Name section above, enter the video name, then click Export Video below.

Wait for the video export process to complete, and the video will be saved to the Downloads folder on the computer.

How to create videos from scratch on FlexClip yourself?

Step 1:

Also, at the My Project interface, you will see the Create New icon to click.

Step 2:

In the new interface, click on Start From Scratch on the top right to create a completely new video.

Step 3:

Now it shows a completely new interface to create videos with a black background for you to add your own content. In the Storyboard bar, click the Plus icon to add each scene to the video and select the content you want to add.

Step 4:

After adding the videos for each segment, you will insert the text content into the video.

To add music to the video, click the Music icon and then click Add Music to select the sound. FlexClip also provides many different audio themes for you to insert into the video you are creating. In each topic, there are different audio clips to choose from.

If you do not want to use audio from the website, click Browse My Files to upload the audio available on the computer.

Step 5:

After audio being inserted into the video, you will have additional editing. Click the Scissors icon to cut the music.

Select the time duration of the music and click Trim music below.

Step 6:

Click the Gear icon to set the frame ratio or add a watermark.

Particularly for Watermark inserts, an upgraded account is required.


Play the video to preview before downloading it. The remaining steps are the same as in part 1.

Sum up

FlexClip owns a rich stock of video templates with many different topics for you to create videos for yourselves. You can rely on existing videos to turn them into your videos or create entirely new videos from the videos you have. With FlexClip, you have all the tools to create and edit videos.

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