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How to Create Birthday Invitation Online With Canva

At least once a year every person in the world has a big day in their lives, their birthday. To celebrate this big moment not few of them throwing a party, from lavish parties to simple ones. For a certain reason, you probably prefer the second option. If so, you can arrange everything regarding the party by your own instead of relying on third party. Including the invitation.

Don’t worry if you have no background in design. Even if you haven’t touched CorelDRAW before, you will keep be able to create your birthday invitation online by yourself thanks to Canva. Canva is a great tool to help you create something like birthday invitation online. Is it free?

Well, depend on how you will design your invitation actually. However, I can tell you that free account of Canva is more than enough to help you create a nice-look birthday invitation. You can even add your personal photo if you want it. Here is how to create your birthday invitation online with Canva, and if you need to plan activities for your party, and for kids, getting soft play areas from soft play manufacturers and designers could be a great choice for this.

Create birthday invitation online with Canva

The first thing you need to do before creating a birthday invitation with Canva is obviously creating an account. We are going to skip this step since we have covered it in our previous post. Visit that post if you meet any problem during creating a Canva account.

  • Assuming that you have had an account, login to Canva using your account and click the Create a design button.

  • Scroll down your mouse until the Events section. Select Invitation.

  • Select a layout you love. Drag it and drop to the available worksheet.

Replacing the default content

Each layout offered by Canva has a default content. You can replace it and tailor to your event. Double click a certain element on the layout to replace it. To delete the unnecessary elements, click the element you want to remove and press the delete button on your keyboard.

A handy toolbar will appear every time you click a certain text on your layout. You can utilize this toolbar to format the texts on your layout.

Adding additional elements

Canva also allows you to add such additional elements as photos, icons, grids, frames, shapes to lines to your layout. Just select ELEMENTS on the sidebar menu and select the type of element you want to add.

Uploading images from your computer

If you wish it you can also upload your photos from your computer. To do this, just select UPLOADS on the sidebar menu and select the Upload your own images button.

Downloading your design

Once you done with your design now it’s time to download it and print it. Canva offers three file formats which you can choose from PDF, JPG to PNG. To download your design just click the Download button at the top-right menu and select Download.

In addition to download, you can also save your design. To save your design just click File at the top-left menu and select Save.

Look, doesn’t require a sophisticated design skill. Isn’t it?

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