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How to Create Infographic Online in Minutes with Piktochart

The adoption of infographic is getting wider these days. The impact of graphically representing information is being accepted. Bloggers, social media managers to journalists. They all use infographic to convey certain data with the aim to gain more share and engagement. For those who have a poor designing skill, creating an infographic might can be a nightmare.

But hey, we are living an internet age today. There are much tools to ease your life in every aspect. Even with a (very) poor designing skill you will keep be able to create an attractive infographic, thanks to online infographic creators. Piktochart is one of those tools.

It is a freemium tool which means you can use it for free although there are several restrictions you will get. This tool offers plenty of ready-to-use infographic templates which you can use for free. Want to create an infographic from a blank canvas? You can do it too.

Piktochart comes with a very easy-to-learn user interface with drag and drop functionalities. It takes only seconds to learn how to use this tool. Seriously. If you haven’t used this tool before and have no idea on how to use it, take a look at the example I am going to show below. In this example I am going to create an infographic about Wayne Rooney, former Manchester United player and one of the club’s biggest legends.

There are so many things about him, but I want to take one of the memorable ones. Wayne Rooney is Manchester United’s all time goalscorer with 253 goals. I will be creating an infographic about how Wazza, Wayne Rooney’s nickname, scored his goals.

To get started, visit the website of Piktochart at piktochart.com. Piktochart allows you to login via your social media accounts (Google or Facebook). Or, if you want have a Piktochart account you can also create one by clicking the SIGN UP button at top-right corner of your screen. I prefer to login via my Google account so I choose the LOGIN button.

Once you successfully login to Piktochart, now it’s time to work. Click the Infographic option on the left panel and choose the available templates. In this example I prefer to create infographic from a blank canvas since I want to use Wayne Rooney photo as the main background.

Before stepping further with the creation process you can first set your canvas width. Click the gear icon next to the canvas and set the values you want.

As you can see on the Piktochart dashboard, there is a menu panel that is located at the left side of your screen. You can use this menu to add the elements you want like images, shapes, texts, and so on. As I said, I want to use Wayne Rooney photo as the main background so that will upload the photo of Wayne Rooney. Just click the Uploads menu to do this and select the photo you want to upload.

To add texts, you can click the Text menu and choose the frame of the text you want to add. Each text frame you choose contains default content. Double click to edit it.

To change the default text color, block the text and choose your preferred color on the toolbar. As you can see, there are several things you can do via the toolbar like changing the font, adjusting font size and so on.

Piktochart also allows you add certain shapes like circle, rectangle, triangle and so on. Additionally, you can also add icons and lines. Just click the Graphics menu to add ones.

Once done with the creation process you can download the infographic you created by clicking the Download button at the top menu.

Select the size and click the Download as PNG button (or JPG if you prefer the JPG format). Free account of Piktochart can only download the infographic file with maximum size of medium (1200×1802 px). To download the file in higher size, you need to upgrade your account. Other downside of free account is you won’t be able to remove the Piktochart logo within your infographic.

Here is the example of infographic I created. Not too good, but I hope it can give you an overview on how to create an infographic online using Canva.

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