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How to Create a PayPal Invoice

PayPal is a powerful payment tool accepted globally by small to large businesses. Many freelancers also rely on this tool to receive payments from clients. It’s hard to imagine how freelancers and online businesses had to live without PayPal.

One of the features offered by PayPal is invoice 4u. You might haven’t heard about this before, buy yes, you can send a PayPal invoice to your clients to receive the payments.

Using PayPal invoice is way easier and simpler than sending conventional PDF invoices. You don’t have to create any file and most importantly, PayPal allows you to manage the invoices you sent. You can easily check the status of your invoices (paid or unpaid). Furthermore, PayPal also allows you to schedule an invoice.

To start creating an invoice, login to PayPal and click the Send & Request tab.

On the Send & Request page, click the Send an invoice link. Or you can also click the More tab.

PayPal provides a simple invoice template which you can use right away. You can also create a new template in case the default invoice template offered by PayPal doesn’t suite you. You can also add your business logo if you have one.

Simply enter all of the necessary entries like invoice number, invoice date, due date, item description, email address where you want to send the invoice to and so on. Once you are done, you can click the Preview button before sending your invoice.

Once you done adding the necessary entries, you can send the invoice. You can either send the invoice via PayPal or via a link. Click the Send button to send your invoice.

To check the status of your invoice, you can click the Manage Invoices tab. All of your sent invoices will be listed here.


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