How to Create Wedding Invitation Online Using Canva

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How to Create Wedding Invitation Online Using Canva

Canva is my favorite tool to create something online. Something I meant is design-involved things like banner, flyer and invitation. Canva is a great tool for those who have a poor design skill but want to create something their own. There are some ready-to-use templates which you can use. One of the things you can do with Canva is designing your wedding invitation.

Wedding is a big event of everyone’s life. However, instead of conducting an extravagant party, some couples prefer to throw a simple party by inviting their closest friends and families. If you prefer the second option, you can create your own wedding invitation to make it more meaningful and memorable. You can also make an insert for the wedding registry. Don’t worry if you have no design skills. As I said, there is Canva which will be your savior.

Here is how to use Canva to create wedding invitation.

Create Wedding Invitation Online Using Canva

  • First, you need to create a Canva account before being able to use the tool. Visit¬† and click the Sign up with Email button. Or, you can also create an account using either your Facebook or Google account.

  • Fill out all the required columns and click the Sign up button.

  • Describe yourself by selecting one of the available professions.

  • On the next step, click the Invitation option.

  • Since you want to create a wedding invitation so choose Wedding Invitation on the next step.

  • Here you are. You will see the user interface of Canva which is very easy to learn and use. Start your design making process by selecting a template on the left sidebar. Canva offers two template types, free and paid. Free templates are for the free users while paid ones are for the premium users. Drag and drop your preferred template to the available worksheet.

  • Each template has had the default contents. To replace the default contents just double click the elements you want to replace. A toolbar will appear every time you double clicking a certain element of your template. You can use this toolbar to format the texts in your template and also for deleting unnecessary elements.

#Adding additional elements

In addition to the default elements of your preferred template, Canva also allows you to add additional elements. The allowed elements include shapes, grids, photos, frames and lots more. Just click the ELEMENTS menu on the left sidebar and choose a or two elements you want to add.

#Adding your own images

When you click the ELEMENTS menu you will see a “Free Photos” option. This option enables you to add additional images from Canva image library to your design. However, Canva doesn’t force you to use its collections. If you prefer to use your own images, it’s also possible. Just select the UPLOAD menu and click the Upload your own images button.

#Downloading your design

Once you done creating your wedding invitation design, you can download it to be printed. Canva gives you three format choices, PDF, JPG and PNG. Just click the Download menu and click the Download button.

Additionally, Canva also lets you to save your works in case you want to continue it later. Just click the File menu at the top-left corner and select Save.

In order to continue your unfinished designs you can login to Canva dashboard and select the All your designs link.

Please note that I use a free Canva account in this example. If you find Canva useful and want to get more features you can upgrade your free account to the premium one.

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