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3 Ways to Cut Video Online

One of the most tricky parts of editing videos is cutting them. It’s not about the tool since there are so many tools out there which you can use to do the task. It’s rather to selecting which parts have to be cut.

If you have taken a look at the trend lately, there are many people who actualize their self via vlog. Vlog opens an opportunity for anyone to become an “artist”. You don’t have to equip yourself with advanced tools to get started with vlog. A smartphone is more than enough to create a vlog for fun.

But, what if your smartphone specs are too low to edit video?. Easy. There are several online video editing tools to handle this. Why not desktop-based tool?

Desktop-based video editing tool is great but, it’s often take too long to be learnt. If you just need to cut some videos taken with your smartphone, online tool I think is not a bad choice. And here are three ways how you can cut your videos online.

1. Using Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter is one of the best online tools that you can use to do a lot of tasks related to video editing. Cutting video using this tool is extremely easy and you don’t have to create any account to get started. You can cut videos stored on your computer or the ones existing on Google Drive. The maximum allowed file size is 500MB.

  • Wait until the tool finished preparing your video and specify the start and finish part of your video by sliding the pointers. Before pressing the Cut button make sure to select the quality of the video and your preferred format.

  • Click the Download link to save the cut video to your computer or select Google Drive or Dropbox if you prefer to put it on the internet.

2. Using Aconvert

Aconvert is online converter which allows you to convert a number of file formats to another formats. You can also take advantage of this tool to cut video.

  • Visit www.aconvert.com and select Video at the side menu. Select Cut at the options that is located at the top. Or simply click this URL.

  • Click the Choose File button and select a video you want to cut.

  • Unlike Online Video Cutter which provides you a live preview of the video you want to cut, you need to preview the video using video player app in your computer to figure out which part you want to remove. Once get the part, specify the start position and duration of the video and click the Submit button.

  • Wait until the tool finished cutting and converting your video. Once done, click the download icon to save the cut video to your computer.

3. Using Ezgif

Ezgif is an online tool built for helping those who want to create animated GIFs. As an online GIF maker, Ezgif comes with a number of features including a feature to cut a video. Since it is a GIF maker so Ezgif is better suited to cut a shorter video.

  • Select a video you want to cut or paste the full URL of the video if you want to cut your video existing on the internet. Click the Upload button.

  • Specify the start and end point and click the Cut the Video! button.

  • Wait until Ezgif finished cutting your video. Once done, scroll down to the Processed video section and click the download icon to save the cut video to your computer.

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