How to Enhance Your Images for Free (Without Losing Quality)

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How to Enhance Your Images for Free (Without Losing Quality)

If you have ever tried increasing the size of a digital image, you might have been disheartened by the quality loss that suddenly appeared in your photos. This is because digital images are made up of thousands of pixels, and if you zoom in, you can see the pixels appear as squares.

When you reduce an image’s size, the pixels naturally become less visible, and usually, there is no difference in the picture’s quality.

But when you upscale image (increase the size of the images), the squares become very visible, and as a result, your picture becomes all blurry and full of distortion. Probably something similar to this:

A picture with the above quality may work for your private collection, but can you use the same for public viewing? Or have it printed to display in your living room? Definitely not!

This is where the AI-based Image Upscaler comes into play!

What is Image Upscaler?

We recently came across the Image Upscaler by Stock Photos. It is a free online tool that allows you to resize images and quickly improve their quality. With the help of artificial intelligence, the tool comprehends the pixels available in your current pictures and modifies them to 2x, 4x, and 8x the actual size.

As a result, you get larger, sharper, high-resolution photos that are great for printing!

Here, let’s discuss the upscaler in detail.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop
  • No sign in required
  • Completely free with no hidden charges
  • Enlarges up to 8x the actual size
  • Creates social media-ready pictures

Easy to Use

One of the best things about the Upscaler is that it’s easy to use, thanks to the simple drag and drop interface. Just drop the desired image on the toolkit, and the machine learning algorithm will automatically get to work and enhance the photos.

There is no sign up required. However, Stockphotos recommend becoming a member if you need the upscaler quite often. But there is no limit to the number of photos you can upscale with the tools. In fact, we tried about ten images on the upscaler, and it has not yet blocked us out for reaching the maximum limit.

Moreover, there is no limitation to the number of free images you get. And from my experience, I could determine that the tool is entirely free — whether you use it for one picture or a hundred.

Advanced Features

Each image that you upload on the Upscaler is maximized 2x by default. If you want to expand it further, you will get an option to increase the size 4x or 8x once the first upscale is completed.

Furthermore, after you upscale the image, you get options to modify them according to the social media network (if you want to use one). Here, you can crop the image for all the leading channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There’s also a way to swap faces with the ai face swapper tool.


The Upscaler allows users to utilize images in all formats, including JPG, PNG, WEBP, and BMP. It supports a minimum height and width of 2000 X 2000 and up to 5 MB. However, the smaller the image you have, the dramatic the results will be.

How to Use Image Upscaler?

To get a better idea of the image upscaler, we uploaded the ‘blurry’ picture from above from the dashboard. A pop-up screen appears informing you of the Terms and Conditions associated with the tool. Agree to the terms and the upscaler will automatically upscale the image 2x.

We dragged the vertical bar left and right to get an idea of the difference it made and were impressed with the change.

Notice the difference in quality. However, we further chose the option to increase the size 4x and 8x (option available on the right side) to see the changes it makes.

You can also choose to remove any artifacts present in your picture or smooth out any curves to make your image look sharper.

We skipped the 4x upscale and directly jumped to the 8x on the same picture. And look how smooth the whole picture became.

Before downloading, we were presented with a couple more options that enabled me to change the size and other options according to popular social media networks. We chose the basic outline for Facebook but after pressing download a pop-up appeared to confirm the download. Once that was settled, a zip file was generated from which we can select the required size and use it as per need.

Final Verdict

So this was our experience with the Image Upscaler by Stock Photos. Yes, it can be a bit laggy at times and if you upload the same picture again and again – the tool stops and suddenly asks for your email address. Nevertheless, refreshing the page gets rid of the problem and you can upload the picture again and generate the upscaled image with ease.

But as a freemium tool, you can expect such glitches and this is by far one of the best upscalers you can get without paying.

Give it a try and let us know your experience as well.

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