How to Export a GIMP Image to Photoshop

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How to Export a GIMP Image to Photoshop

GIMP and Photoshop are two popular image manipulation tools. Although many people consider them as a competitor, they both have a compatibility. You are able to work with PSD files on GIMP. For a certain reason, you probably want to export an image you created with GIMP to the default format of Photohop, PSD.

GIMP itself uses XCF as the default file format for its raw file. Just like PSD in Photoshop, XCF saves everything regarding your image like layers, transparency settings, paths and other information.

While you can save the raw file of GIMP in XCF, GIMP also allows you to save it to another format, including PSD. If you want to convert an existing GIMP image (XCF) to PSD, you can first open it on GIMP. Once open, you can go to the File menu and select Export As.

On the appearing pop-up dialog, click the Select File Type button and select Photoshop image.

Give your file a new name if you want and click the Export button.

The compatibility between GIMP and Photoshop allows GIMP users to collaborate with Photoshop users on certain projects.

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