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How to Export Images in Figma

Figma is a popular tool widely used by professional web designers to create the raw format of their designs before being executed into a page. Be it using a no-code page builder tool such as Elementor and Divi or by manually writing the code (HTML and CSS). In Figma, you can export and import a file in an extension of .fig.

Say you have just downloaded a Figma file and want to convert it to Elementor. The design file has a number of images and you want to export them so that you can use it on your Elementor design. Is it possible?

Figma allows you to convert the design assets used on a design, including images. An image asset can be converted into four formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG. To import an image, first, select the image on your Figma design. You can select the image via navigation panel or by double-clicking the associated image on the canvas area. Once selected, click the Export menu on the right panel.

Select a format for the image and click the Export button.

Since there are four different image formats you can choose from, make sure to select the most appropriate format for every image you want to convert. For instance, if you want to convert an icon, you can select the SVG format. To import a photo, you can select JPG. To import a transparent image, you can select PNG. You can select the PDF format if you want to export the entire design.

Figma also allows you to export multiple images at once. To do so, simply select the images you want to export by pressing the shift key on your keyboard while selecting. Once done selecting, you can click the Export menu on the right panel as we just covered above.

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