How to Export a MailChimp Audience

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How to Export a MailChimp Audience

Mailchimp is superior when it comes to the email marketing tool but it doesn’t mean Mailchimp has no flaw. One of the most complained issues about Mailchimp is that it changes its interface too often. Mailchimp also changes some terms frequently enough. One of which is the change of the term “list” to “audience”. Audience itself is a Mailchimp feature to group contacts. You can create audiences (free version is limited to one audience) to put together contacts by certain criteria according to your needs. If you need to, you can export an audience.

The ability to export contacts is great if you want to migrate from Mailchimp or simply want to run a certain campaign using other tools.

To export a Mailchimp audience, first, visit the Mailchimp website and login with your account. Once logged in, go to the audience dashboard by clicking the Audience menu and select Audience dashboard.

Specify an audience you want to export and click View Contacts to view the contacts inside the audience.

Click the Export Audience button to start exporting.

Wait a moment until the exporting process is done. You will be taken to the Audience Exports page once the exporting process is done. Click the Export As CSV button the audience file. Your file will be downloaded in a ZIP format. You can extract it using your favorite unzipper to get the CSV file of the audience.

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