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How to Export a Spotify Playlist

As of today, Spotify hasn’t had a feature that enable you to export a playlist on a Spotify account and import it to another account. If you really want to do so, you can use a third party app. One of the apps you can use is SpotMyBackup. It is a JavaScript-based app that allows you to backup all your Spotify playlists and import them to another Spotify account. The app uses the OAuth-Functionality of Spotify to be able to handle your personal playlists.

The intention of exporting Spotify playlists might can be vary. While most people might want to export the playlist because they want to switch between Spotify accounts, you might want to export the playlists since you want to create a backup of your playlists just in case you accidentally delete them some day.

If you use the free version of Spotify, you don’t need to upgrade your account to premium to be able to use SpotMyBackup. Here is how to export your Spotify playlist with the app.

Firstly, visit the SpotMyBackup and click the LOGIN WITH SPOTIFY button.

You will be asked to make the authorization to allow SpotMyBackup accessing your Spotify account data. Simply click the OKAY button to continue.

Wait a moment until┬áSpotMyBackup is done loading your Spotify playlists. Once it is done, click the EXPORT button. Your playlists will be exported into a┬áJSON file (learn how to open json file) and will be saved to the “Download” directory on your computer account.

If you want to import the playlists to new Spotify account you can repeat the steps above and select the IMPORT button instead of EXPORT on the last step.

Revoke the SpotMyBackup access

Keep in mind that using a third party apps like SpotMyBackup meaning that you allow them to access your Spotify account data, which can be risky enough since you won’t really know what they are going to do with your data. So, revoking the access once you done with the exporting process might can be a good idea. To do so, login to Spotify web ( and login with your account. Click the Profile menu at the top-right corner and select Account.

Scroll down and click the Apps menu at the left panel.

On the Approved applications page, click the REVOKE ACCESS button of SpotMyBackup.

You can do the same thing (revoking access) every time you are done using certain app requesting access to your Spotify account to prevent your data from being abused.

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