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How to Format Date in Google Sheets

When working on a spreadsheet in Google Sheets that involves date, you can change the default date format to tailor your business need (or your taste). By default, Google Sheets gives you the format of “month/day/year” when you enter a new date on a cell. Not everyone loves this format.

In desktop-based spreadsheet software like LibreOffice Calc, you can typically right-click certain cell to get a Format Cell menu. Unfortunately, you won’t see the same menu by doing so in Google Sheets. Formatting date in Google Sheets is actually straightforward. You just need a little adaption.

Simply select a cell or a range of cells containing dates you want to format and go to Format -> Numbers -> More Formats -> More date and time formats. Or, you can also click the “123” icon on the toolbar menu and choose More Formats -> More date and time formats.

A pop-up dialog will appear then, containing a bunch of date formats you can choose from. Make sure to press the Apply button after selecting.

If you live in a non-English speaking country, you can also personalize the date options according to your local format. Go to File -> Spreadsheet settings. On the appearing pop-up dialog, select a country where you live in as well as time zone. Make sure to press the Save settings button after making the changes.

By now — when returning to the date formatting menu — you will see some local formats according to your local setting.

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