2 Simple (and Proven) Ways to Get More Dropbox Space for Free

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2 Simple (and Proven) Ways to Get More Dropbox Space for Free

There is no doubt that Dropbox is one of the currently best cloud storage services. However, everyone also knows that Dropbox is very stingy in giving new users a free space. You will only get a 2 GB of free space from Dropbox. It is so measly compared to other similar services. Google Drive, its closest competitor, gives you 15 GB of free space while OneDrive gives you a 5 GB of free space.

Even so, you can actually get more space on Dropbox without having to upgrade your free account. Dropbox gives you several methods on how to get more space for free. At the beginning emergence of Dropbox there were many ways to get more Dropbox space for free. From connecting your social media accounts to using Carousel (this feature has been shut down). Dropbox once also collaborated with Samsung and HTC to gives you more space by installing the Dropbox app on Samsung and HTC devices.

Today, you can still get more Dropbox space for free but in a fewer ways. From about 8 ways, you can now only have two ways to get more Dropbox space. But, by maximizing those two ways you can get up to 16 GB of free Dropbox space. But how?

Method 1: completing the “Get Started” tour

The first and very simple way to get more Dropbox space for free is by completing the “Get Started” tour. The number of free space you will get is not too much, only 250 MB. But still, you can store more files with that small number. On the “Get started” page you will be asked to complete at least five options out seven before getting the 250 MB additional free space.

“Okay, so where do I can find that page?”

If you have registered to Dropbox and have the Get Started page missed, you don’t need to re-register. Just login to your Dropbox dashboard and visit this page. Complete at least 5 out of 7 steps and you will get rewarded a 250 MB of additional free space.

Method 2: Referring Dropbox to your friends

The second method to get more Dropbox space for free is by referring Dropbox to your friends. This method is more difficult and challenging. But the offered free space is also bigger. Dropbox will reward you a 500 MB more free space for each friend (or anyone) who installs Dropbox via your referral link. The maximum number of people you can refer is about 32 (Dropbox doesn’t open about this). But, Dropbox tells that you can get up to 16 GB of free space by referring it to your friends. Simply visit this page to start referring Dropbox.

Bonus method

Dropbox’s referral program fetched them over 4 million users and it is not a sky rocket science to refer your friends or family members. It is somehow moderately difficult for many users as Dropbox is not way popular and many of your friends and family might not be knowing about it so they can skeptical before joining. Therefore, there is a other workaround that consist of simple hack to get free space on Dropbox without referring to anyone. In this hack, you can use referral link to refer yourself and earn free space. Visit this page to learn more.

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