How to Create Animated Characters Easily? (Step-by-Step)

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How to Create Animated Characters Easily? (Step-by-Step)

This era is considered to be an era of digitalization. Especially due to pandemics, many people have started online businesses to make both ends meet. Now, people are more interested in animation, graphics, art, and other skills that require interest and talent.

Not lying, animation, or any other editing work becomes easy with the assistance of its respective tool. So, in this article, we will discuss an online cartoon maker and video animation toolbox, Doratoon.

A Complete Online Animated Video Maker Toolbox – Doratoon

Doratoon is an all-in-one animated video maker that allows people to be creative and make stunning animated videos. Doratoon is a stunning video maker online toolbox that channels 8000+ animated characters with real expressions and clothing styles.

You can also put AI (Artificial Intelligence) dubbing and make the characters talk like real humans if you want to. Whether children or adults, everybody is mesmerized due to Doratoon’s wide spectrum of offering features and stand-out qualities.

The Primary Features of Doratoon – A Complete Online Animated Video Maker

Here, we will discuss the top-notch features of Doratoon in the field of animation online in videos.

  • PPT – Video Conversions

If you want any PowerPoint presentation in your video animation, Doratoon can do that for you. The application offers users to import or convert your PPT into a part of an animated video. PPT interacts with people, and the animated video becomes an engaging and fun video.

  • Artificial Intelligence Dubbing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) adds to the attraction and excellence of watching any animated video. Doratoon helps in doing an attractive dubbing that enhances the quality and relatability quotient. You can add dubbing and make your animated characters talk to actual humans.

  • Background Music and Sound Effects

Content looks exciting if there is a suitable soundtrack and sound effect added to the video. For this cause, Doratoon enables users to add music and sound effects in the background of an animated video. This will make your video more eye-catching and exciting for viewers.

  • Footage Style

Doratoon offers people to try and add different footage styles in the video. With appealing and eye-catching designs and ideas, one can make his video look cooler and get more than expected views on the content.

  • Pre-Designed Templates of Choice

The platform features an extensive list of templates where users from different niches and categories can utilize these templates for designing videos with the aid of animated characters. It includes templates from the business niche, lifestyle, education, and marketing departments.

Doratoon has provided the consumer market with a wide variety of intriguing opportunities. Users can explain their ideas for better popularization of knowledge, explain mini-courses, and adapt the animated persona for marketing and promotion.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Create Animated Characters on Doratoon

Here, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to create animated characters and add delight to your animated video with Doratoon.

Step 1: Initiate the New Work with Doratoon

Go to your web browser and go to the official website of Doratoon. Sign in to your account and click on “Create new work” displayed at the navigation pane on the left side of the browser.

Step 2: Create a New Draft

Click on the drop-down list under the “Blank Draft” column on the popping box. Select the preferred layout. Now, tap the “New Draft” to create a new blank project.

Step 3: Expand the Preferred “Character” Category

Select the “Character” from the left toolbox and choose the preferred category from the revealing “Character” pane. Now, tap a character, and it will be automatically added to the Canvas.

Step 4: Choose the Preferred “Action”

Now, tap the character present on the Canvas. From the floating toolbox existing on the character, choose the “Action” icon. Now, select the preferred action from the “Actions” gallery that resultantly appears.

Step 5: Export the File

Choose “Export” from the top-right corner. You can choose preferences including title, tag, pixel quality, and watermark. Adjust them accordingly and click on “Ok.”

The Bottom Line

The article concludes with an efficient way to edit and how to make animated videos with Doratoon. This best video maker free helps in creating interesting animated characters and also provides AI debugging. Moreover, one can also make use of Doratoon’s templates. This online video maker tool will make your animation process easy, fascinating, and remarkable.

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