How to Ensure Your Girlfriend Stays Safe When Travelling Alone

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How to Ensure Your Girlfriend Stays Safe When Travelling Alone

Some find travelling to an unknown place a bit risky. You don’t know the place or the people there, and humans fear what they don’t know. The problem isn’t just in our minds; the threat is real. Tourist destinations, as beautiful as they look from outside, have many dangerous things going underground. There are bad people everywhere who would take advantage of every vulnerability and weakness.

Many boyfriends who are unable to travel with their girlfriends worry about their safety. If they can’t go doesn’t mean they should stop her too. For instance, let’s say your girlfriend is planning to visit Egypt, which is known for its rich history and stunning landscapes. However, as a responsible boyfriend, you might want to ensure that she has all the necessary documents, such as a valid visa. You can learn more about the cost of Egypt eVisa on the official website to make sure everything is in order before her trip.

So, to avoid this scenario, it would be better to accompany your girlfriend on her trip. You may also want to surprise your girlfriend with a travel gift going to a place like Middleton. You can tell her some of the great things to do in Middleton and take the chance to amaze her.

As a good boyfriend, what you can do is ensure that she stays safe. Here I’ve shared how.

Take Her in Confidence

Talk to her and share all your concerns before you she sets off to her journey. Let her know that you love her and are worried about her safety. Tell her that she can trust you with anything and everything, so she’ll contact you if anything bad goes down. She may not take you into trust if she thinks you’ll get angry or too worried. Show yourself to be a strong and reliable boyfriend.

Avoid Public Transport

Many molesters use public transport to satisfy their lust. Ask your girlfriend to use an Uber if it’s available there; otherwise, call a cab even if it’s expensive. You can hire an uber car accident lawyer if anything bad happens to her while riding an Uber. An auto accident lawyer who knows how to navigate the local accident laws will help your loved one seek compensation. A car accident lawyer can also help you collect and present evidence and documents that will support your claim.

She’ll catch eye of many people in public transport who would take advantage of a tourist. However, public transport may be a safer mean of transportation depending on the destination. For example, an international tourist wouldn’t want to get on a bus in a third world country. On the other hand, they are safer than private transportation in developed countries like the UK.

Watch Her Location When Travelling

While there may be bad people on public transport, cab drivers can also turn out to be sick-minded. Ask her share to cab information and live location before getting into one. I kept tracking my girlfriend location using an app when she went off on tour — you can do the same with your girlfriend. Ask her to keep connected to an internet connection so you can watch her live location and take necessary actions if you feel something isn’t right.

Ask Her Not to Stand Out

Ask your girlfriend to dress like the people of the city she’s visiting. It’ll help her easily blend in and experience the real culture of that place. That’s not all; it will also make her look like she lives there and avoid attention of many people with evil objectives. Everyone would try to scam and trick her knowing she is a tourist and doesn’t know much about the place. You can give her a duress button that she can wear wherever she goes and use in case of an emergency.

Keep in Contact

Keeping in contact is very important to ensure your girlfriend stays safe. Decide timings on which you would call each other. This way you won’t be disturbing her while she’s enjoying herself. You will also know something is wrong if she doesn’t call you on decided timings. That’ll be the time you start making assumptions and take precautionary measures. Make sure you don’t overreact but be prepared for the worst.

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