How to Fix Slow Internet Download Speeds?

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How to Fix Slow Internet Download Speeds?

There was a time when the internet was a luxury, and now it has become our bread and butter, and as you can see, we have already started taking this for granted. Unfortunately, we humans always do this, take things that are more available to us for granted!

However, there was one time that we actually understood the meaning of the internet and how much we depend on it. During its absence! If you want to upgrade your internet connection, you may need to look for a new Network Installation Provider.

We have all suffered through the cause of slow internet. When we are trying to download that large game, chatting with someone, or downloading our favorite movie – It seriously takes away the entire essence of the show.

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Fixing a Slow Internet

Believe it or not, slow internet cannot always be blamed on the weather or your ISP. Sometimes the fault is in your internal device. We have deciphered some of the main causes and presented them to you.

1. Too Many Devices Connected In The Bandwidth

Sometimes it is not your internet speed or your bandwidth capacity; the internet is simply overused. The internet being overused is the biggest reason for a slow server. First, you have to check the number of connected devices to your wifi.

Two to three devices won’t be a problem when the work is not too heavy data-related. However, if someone is streaming a movie, and the other is playing high memory games while you are trying to download a large piece of software, then the download is bound to be slow.

2. ISP Controlling the Data

The Internet Service provider cannot always be blamed. The ISP can sometimes use this legalized method of controlling the limitation of data in your bandwidth. This is known as bandwidth throttling, and it is mostly done by them to avoid congestion in an area or to make you upgrade to a better plan.

This could be one of the reasons, and hence, you should call and check with your service provider if this happens.

3. Too Many Applications Running on the Background

The internet cannot run smoothly if the bandwidth is occupied in too many activities. For example, if you run too many applications and have endless tabs open in your browser, the internet finds it hard to concentrate.

This is when downloads, especially of larger files, are mostly compromised. So, if you are in a rush to download something or want to watch a movie peacefully, you should close all the other applications.

4. The Weather Outside

The weather can be a contributing factor when it comes to a slow internet connection. For example, heavy thundering and rain can change the download speed. In times like this, the internet is not getting a stable connection.

Unfortunately, there is no quick solution to this. So, how about you try reading a book while the weather is nice!

5. Computer Has Been Running for Too Long

If your download speed has subsequently fallen, then try to remember the time you opened your system. If it has been more than twelve hours, then it is time to stop all the downloads and simply restart the computer first.

If the CPU has been processing for too long, it is not just the internet speed that will be affected. It would have probably affected the speed of the computer as well if you had noticed.

6. Downloading Or Updating Too Many Files

If you are trying to download more than two files at a time, your download speed could suffer. The size of the file will definitely matter here, but too many downloads would mean that the bandwidth is occupied with too much work.

As a result, they are not able to concentrate on one task, and every download is getting delayed. This can also happen when you are trying to use your internet while it is updating too many applications in the background.

7. Internet Speed Not Upgraded

Sometimes the ISP can do tricks to maneuver you into upgrading the plan. However, at times you will need to upgrade the internet speed for the purpose of smooth download speed.

Just like your applications, your internet speed also gets updated. So, won’t you be using 3G in the upcoming generation of 5G, right?

Final Note

Try and look into the matter before panicking or getting frustrated because of your download speed. We understand that when important files lag the download speed, it can be a nuisance, especially during work.

However, the problem is sometimes internal and can be fixed by a simple restarting. So why not start with the simple? It might work!

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