How to Make the Perfect Explainer Video for Your Startup

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How to Make the Perfect Explainer Video for Your Startup

Animated training videos are one of the most effective ways to attract new customers.

How difficult is it to make your own expert video with animation? Surely this question worries those who are engaged in the creation of video content for the Internet. For tips on developing animated videos and answers to popular questions on this topic, see the next article.

Animated video: is it worth doing?

Definitely yes! More than 80% of marketers surveyed say expert animated videos are a great tool for attracting potential buyers. In addition, videos like these increase the time users spend on the website.

As shown by a survey of customers of online stores, about 70% of them first get acquainted with new products when watching video presentations.

Stages of Creation

Before you start generating an animated explanatory video, you need to decide: whether to create it yourself or use the services of video editors.

Video editors are available in the Play Market or App Store. To avoid complications and save time and effort, you can watch an explanatory video from video explainer by explain.ninja.

Regardless of which tools are used to create an explanatory animation, there are several required steps.

Video details – purpose, style and duration

Before starting work on a video, you should have a clear idea of ​​how the final product will look, define its goals, style and duration in time. It doesn’t hurt to check out similar video content to figure out how to create something creative, unlike any other video. The unique educational animation will attract more buyers and, therefore, will bring much more value to its owner.

Successful scenario is half the battle

A short but informative script, concise and understandable, well-written text will provide the user with the necessary information about a product or brand. In order to meet the time allotted for the video, it is recommended that you read the text commentary aloud.

Audio recording should sound natural and attractive to the viewer

Typically, in the case of corporate animation production, a team of professional actors, announcers or voice-overs is hired for filming. When creating a video on his own, its author can either record his own voice, or ask to read the text of any person whose voice will sound natural and arouse interest. It is not monotonous sounds without a sign of any emotion that attract potential customers, but “multicolored”, caring voices.

Recording technique is of no small importance when dubbing a video. It doesn’t hurt to take care of the microphone and software of the appropriate quality in advance.

Selection of the necessary components

It takes a lot of time to collect and prepare the necessary video resources. All components of the recording should not only be attractive and of high quality separately, but also perfectly combine with each other. Therefore, you should not spare any effort in the selection of graphics, audio, screenshots and other components.

A harmonious combination of all materials is the key to a good video. Once all the necessary resources for the explaining animated video have been selected, the final touch remains – to successfully combine them. You can do this on your own (if you have knowledge and experience) or with the help of a specific video editor.

It will not be superfluous to show the finished video to friends and acquaintances. Constructive criticism is useful for fixing minor gaps and will help bring the work done to perfection.

The most enjoyable step: share the created masterpiece and enjoy the success

So, the difficult process of creating an expert instructional video has come to an end. The most pleasant moment comes: you can share your masterpiece on your own sites, in social networks, on the Youtube platform. If everything is done correctly, and the video arouses interest, the emergence of positive reviews and ratings from network users will not be long in coming.

Thus, the main components of creating a successful and popular video product are, first, creativity and originality of thinking, hard intensive work and perseverance in achieving the goal. More information can be found here: https://explain.ninja/30-second-video/.

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