How to Score Good Marks in Maths Class 12?

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How to Score Good Marks in Maths Class 12?

Are you searching for ways that can improve your maths score in class 12? If yes, then you have reached your solution. Before starting you should know that apart from NCERT you have to stick to one another book that can provide you with an ample amount of practice. So, you should know that RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 12 Download in PDF is easily available. this way you don’t have to wait until the book comes in the store. Now make sure that you go through this article till the very end so that you get all the important points that can help you improve your score. This article contains some of the most important last-minute tips that can be helpful.


When it comes to acing the board exams, strategy can be very helpful. This will involve a thorough analysis of the complete syllabus in detail. Come up with a simple and effective study plan that can be followed by you. If you think you fail to follow them, make the necessary changes so that they can be more effective.

Proper guidance

Apart from your school if you are taking coaching classes, then make sure they are the good ones. Firstly, it is your duty or can be said as an obligation to listen to everything that is been taught in the class. Along with that, your notes should be complete. Although maths does now have many parts that have to be memorized yet the notes will surely help you while solving the questions. Your coaching modules should also be done properly. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you can to clear your doubts. This will help you as you will clear your basics and will come up with a variety of questions that might appear in the paper.


Prepare small notes that can help you revise some of the important concepts in less time. Try to make the notes neat and creative so that your mind can easily catch all the things. The best way is to take white sheets that can be A4 size, and make separate notes for all the important chapters which will include the important formulas or some tricks to solve the questions in a simplified way. Leave spaces in between so that you can add more concepts that you may have missed in the first go.

Reference books

As you must be familiar with it now that NCERT is the base on which your whole concepts will depend. In that, the concepts are given in the easiest way possible and also follow the CBSE curriculum. So, make sure you have solved it thoroughly without fail. After that, you can refer to some books for more practice. While choosing the book make sure to look for the authenticity of the book and the level of questions it has. The book should be more focused on your boards, which will make it easier for you to score good marks.


Maths is a subject that requires regular and a lot of practice. You cannot just mug up things and concepts and score good marks in a month. So try to be regular with your practice session. You can set a rule that you will complete at least 2 exercises daily. This way you don’t have to rush which will help the concept to seep in a better way. Try to take the weekly tests and solve as many questions as possible. For a more board-oriented preparation, simultaneously keep on solving the previous year’s papers. This way you will come across a variety of questions that will build your confidence.

The pattern of the exam

The examination pattern should be a thing that you are well aware of. Take some time to analyze the previous year’s paper so, that you can mark some of the important concepts or chapters. Marking them will help you know which areas you have to focus more and devote more time to. After that, you can set a timetable along with the hours of time each chapter requires. This will make your task of tracking your progress much easier.

Doubt session

Try to arrange a lot of doubt sessions with your teachers and also in coaching. During this time you will come across many other problems that might be faced by other students. By this you will realize some of the mistakes that you might have done, so make sure to keep a note of them. Try to explain concepts to others, this will boost your confidence on the topic and enhance your performance.

Patience and hard work

These two things are a must if you want to score good marks, not only in maths but also in other subjects. If you are not able to grasp a concept don’t just leave it. Take a break and try again later, or you can also take the help of your friends. Another thing that can be done here is that you can watch youtube videos to make the concept clear. All the hard work and dedication will not go in vain and will reap good results.


The study also requires that you have a calm mind so that you can focus on just one thing. Medication will help you to be on track and study in a very oriented manner. This will have the most fruitful results. Keep your mind calm and eradicate all the negative thoughts and vibe that can hamper your performance.


A strategic study with a focused mind can help you a lot in achieving the desired rank or score in your examination. Just be consistent with it as maths requires a lot of practice. The more practice you will do on a topic the more confidence you will gain. After reading this article you must have come across some of the points that you can inculcate in your daily study routine. This will surely help you score a lot better and gain confidence. Thank you for reading the article.

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