4 Ways to Improve Student Writing with Google Docs

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4 Ways to Improve Student Writing with Google Docs

Google Docs is more than a free and incredibly useful word processor. It’s the ultimate writing tool that can improve a student’s workflow.

Just think about it: it’s free, so you won’t obligate your students to pay for the Microsoft Office Suite.

Plus, Google Docs doesn’t require any downloads and installations. It doesn’t take up any space on the student’s device. It’s way easier to use than MS Word, and it makes collaboration easy.

If you’re wondering how exactly Google Docs can improve a student’s writing process, we’re willing to share the ways. A teacher has a lot of responsibility to inspire their students to write. Thanks to this online word processor, they can do that.

4 Ways for Teachers to Use Google Docs to Help Students Write

1. Use Google Docs for Collaborative Brainstorming

When you assign a general theme for an essay, students often have trouble narrowing it down to a specific topic. They know that they are supposed to get creative. They use an essay title generator to get some ideas, but they may still get stuck during this stage.

Google Docs is a great tool to use for brainstorming. However, you should make this process collaborative. As a teacher, you’ll get into the role of a facilitator. You have a deeper understanding of the topic. You know if a certain idea is worthy of elaborating. You know if the students can find enough resources to support that idea.

You’ll invite everyone to join the same document. Google Docs features a convenient chat. You’ll discuss the ideas with your students there. Whenever someone gets an idea worthy of consideration, you’ll include it in the document.

By the end of the process, your students will have a list of specific topics that trigger a creative writing stage.

2. Teach Them How to Eliminate Distractions

There are many sources of distractions for students. Technology is one of the main ones.

The student may have a great idea. They will go through an essay sample at https://samplius.com/, and they will complete an outline based on that sample. They will note down their concept for argumentation. Somewhere along the way, they will end up an entire hour on Instagram. After that, they will realize that they have other responsibilities and they already wasted the time they should’ve spent on the paper.

That’s the scenario we need to avoid.

Google Docs can easily turn into a distraction-free environment. The full-screen option under “View” leaves the student alone with their thoughts. A distraction blocker like Pomodoro Timer will contribute towards a focused session of writing.

3. Open Documents in Separate Tabs

Google Docs has a major advantage over MS Word: the student can open several documents in tabs, and easily navigate through them. They will only use the Control + Tab keyboard shortcut.

They can have the document from the brainstorming session open in one tab, the notes from the research process in another, the outline in a third one, and the current document that they edit in a separate tab. If you offer feedback with comments, they will have that document in a new tab.

This prevents them from working in a single messy document, which would get them distracted.

4. Use Google Docs to Provide Students with Feedback

You’ll inspire your students to start writing better if you clearly explain where they are making a mistake. Google Docs give you an option to join their documents while they are still in development mode.

You can check out their document when it’s still in the outlining stage. If you think that the thesis statement idea is flawed, explain how they can improve it.

But remember: feedback is not only about constructive criticism. It’s also about inspiring students by telling them what a good job they did with a certain aspect of the paper. Whenever you notice a cool point, tell them that it’s brilliant and they should emphasize it.

Google Docs Is the Perfect Tool for Essay Writing

It’s simple, reliable, and effective.

It’s available for free, and it’s extremely easy to use. When compared to MS Word and other word processors, it has many advantages. That’s why more and more people use it on a daily basis.

Google Docs can help students eliminate distractions. It connects them with their peers and teachers, so the brainstorming stage becomes more inspiring. The teacher can provide timely feedback, so they will improve the flaws on the go. Experienced writers at CustomEssayMeister also use Google Docs when writing essays and assignments for students.

Teachers can rely on this tool to encourage collaboration and inspire students to write better.

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