How to Integrate Slack with Google Calendar

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How to Integrate Slack with Google Calendar

Slack is becoming a favorite collaboration tool. Many startups use it as a primary communication tool. With Slack you can communicate with your team members or anyone with the same interest more efficiently. Specifically, Slack is a great tool to help you communicate remotely with anyone around the world for a specific task or project.

Many creative people love using Slack because it has so many features and integrations. One of the services you can integrate with Slack is Google Calendar.

If you actively use both services you can combine them to make everything become even easier. For instance, you will be notified via Slack about a meeting schedule. You will also be able to automatically send a Happy Birthday message on an employee’s birthday. There will be many other interesting unexpected benefits of integrating Slack with Google Calendar.

Here’s how to integrate Slack with Google Calendar.

  • Launch the Slack app on your desktop and click the tiny arrow button on the top-left of the Slack window and select Apps & Integrations.

  • You will be brought to the App Directory page of Slack. Type “Google Calendar” in the available search box and hit enter.

  • On the search results select Google Calendar and click the Connect a Calendar to Slack button.

  • Login to your Google account and make an authorization by clicking the Allow button.

  • Select which channel you want to send reminders from Google Calendar. If you want to send the reminders only for yourself just select the top most option. Don’t forget to select a Google account you have set at the step above.

  • Scroll down until you see the Save Integration button and click on it.

  • Lastly, click the I’m done! button.

Anytime you want to remove this integration just go back to the App Directory of Slack and select the Manage menu at the top-left corner. Specify the the service you want to remove and click the trash icon.

Please note that the free account of Slack has a limited integrations (about 13) so be wise to select the services you want to integrate.

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