How to Measure Distance Between Two Places in Google Maps

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How to Measure Distance Between Two Places in Google Maps

Everyone agrees that Google Maps is the most popular map app. Despite there are many Google Maps alternatives, the Google’s map app remains popular and widely-used because it is pretty accurate, feature-rich and easy to use.

You can do a lot of things with Google Maps including measuring the distance between two or more places. When you see the Google Maps menu list which is located at the left of your screen, you won’t see a menu with the name of “Measure distance” or similar name like you can see on Yandex Maps. So, how to measure distance in Google Maps? This article will help you how.

Please note that you can’t only measure the distance between two places (or more) on the web version of Google Maps. At the time of writing, Google Maps for Android and iPhone haven’t had the capability to do this task.

  • Visit to open Google Maps on your browser.
  • Search and set the first place you want to measure its distance to.

  • Right click on the red pin icon and select Measure distance.

  • Search and set the second place. Once you get the place, just click the red pin icon on your preferred place and you will see the total distance at the bottom of your screen.

As you can see on the screen capture above (notice the red rectangle at the bottom), the total distance between Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower, the two famous landmarks in Paris, France, is 1.72 km.

Google Maps will continue to measures the distance from the last place you have measured when you click on the other place within the map until you stop the measuring process. To stop the measuring process just right click anywhere within the map and select Clear measurement.

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