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Want to merge the videos of your holiday trip? Filmora9 is a great tool that you can use. It is a perfect video editing tool for basic editings such as cropping, cutting, and video merging. No video editing background is required. This article will show you how to merge videos with Filmora9.

Filmora9 itself is a freemium video editing that is available for Windows and macOS. You can use it for free, but your video will contain a large watermark once you export it. You can download the binary file of Filmora9 (EXE file for Windows and DMG file for macOS) on its official website. Simply double-click the binary file to install Filmora9 to your computer.

There are two ways to merge videos in Filmora9

Method 1

Filmora9 comes with a built-in feature called Instant Cutter. You can use this feature to instantly cut a video and merge videos upon importing before you add the video(s) to the library area. This feature only supports videos taken with action cameras and smartphones with the format of MOV, MP4, or MTS. Also, each video needs to have the same parameters such as resolution, frame rate, etc.

To get started, launch the Filmora9 app on your computer. Click the Import menu on the library area and select Import with Instant Cutter Tool.

On the Instant Cutter window, click the Merge tab and click the Open File to select the video files you want to merge. Press and hold the CTRL on the keyboard while clicking the video files to select multiple video files.

Click the Export button on the bottom-right corner to export the merged video.

Method 2

This method offers more options than the first method above. You can, for instance, add a transition between the videos you merge. First off, add the videos you want to merge to the library. To do so, click the Import menu in the library area and select Import Media Files or simply press the CTRL+I keys on the keyboard.

Add the videos you want to merge to the timeline.

To add a transition, click the Transition tab above the library area. Select the transition you like and drag it to the video on the timeline.

Once done, click the EXPORT button above the library area to export the merged video.

Select your preferred format, give your video a name, and select a destination folder. You can also set the resolution, frame rate, and bit rate by clicking the SETTINGS button. Click the EXPORT button to export the video.

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