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Modern Management – A Guide to Employee Tracking Software

We always pour the most time and passion into the project we love, seeing infinite value in this labour. Timesheets and employee tracking are not awarded such time and passion, with management typically feeling overwhelmed by what is required and unable to see a better way of performing such tasks. Fortunately, these reservations have been heard and have resulted in HR software for small business that is not only functional but intuitive to the needs of management and the business. If you are looking to take on employee tracking software in your business, here is a guide for what you can expect and how it will impact your team in a positive way.

Accurate attendance tracking

We would like to trust the word of our employees, but sometimes that is not an accurate representation of the circumstances. Similarly, we also want to reward those hard-working members with the correct wages that reflect their efforts. This is where a timesheet app to track employees hours can be invaluable to a business. These attendance tracking apps allow employees to clock-in and out manually, with management able to see where these clock-in and outs have occurred. This activity if verified through finger stamping or facial recognition, so there is no chance of inaccurate time data taking place and subsequent incorrect wages.

Custom pay rates

It’s not as simple as paying employees for their time, but you also need to apply penalty rates, overtime, loading and salary costs to the equation. Employee tracking apps will actually automate that process so that you do not need to manually separate hours under different rates. Not only does this save you time, but it also ensures that you are complying with local laws or workplace agreements. Trifling with either of these important conditions is a fight that you and your management will lose every time.

Improved reporting capabilities

What if reporting was so easy to pull that it no longer felt like a chore, but could be used to inform better decisions in your business. The right employee tracking software will give you access to dynamic reports that can assist with tracking and comparing your budget against previous and future months. It will also work with your scheduling budgets to propose the best rostering solutions that agree with your bottom line. All of your timesheet wages, sales transactions and essential data – available when you need it. Too much manual reporting can trip over middle management right up to your CEO, so find a solution that automates this process and claim back those precious hours.

Breaktime compliance

It surprises many to learn that breaks are not just suggested, but a legal requirement for both the employer and employee. You will always find employees who have too much work to take time for a break, but this is something that you should be actively trying to discourage in your workplace. Fortunately, with employee tracking software, you can do this with great ease. If your employees are only taking 15 minutes for lunch instead of the required 30 minutes, you will get a notification and can deal with this matter directly. This will ensure breaktime compliance, but it will also boost morale when your employees learn that you are an employer who values their need for balance in the workplace. It has also been proven that giving employees flexible benefits will improve their performance very well. They love flexible benefits as they can be tailored to the individual employee, so work so much better than giving everyone the same benefits. So have a look at a platform like which makes it very easy to give your staff flexible benefits.

There is nothing but benefits from pursuing an employee tracking software for your business. You and your employees will start working to a higher standard, where everyone wins. If you’re unsure what this software would look like in your business, reach out to a leading software provider and understand the specifics.

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