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How to Monitor Kid’s Phone Without Them Knowing

You are a parent fathering or mothering a millennial child during these times. It means you have to keep an eye on them even when you are not around. The problem is how to do that when you are not at home or near them.

Since there are phones and your kid has one, there is a way to monitor the gadget remotely. You don’t need to alert them, especially if they are unwilling to be monitored. Our method will also not need the child’s phone to see what’s in there.

Everything will be happening remotely the moment you finish setting it up on their phone. Let’s see what this solution that claims to end your nightmares about your child’s safety is.

Part 1: TeenSafe Kid’s Monitoring Software

Millions of parents across the globe have already used this application. It’s the TeenSafe application that helps them see what their kids are doing on the phone remotely. That implies you can also use it to know what your kid is up to.

TeenSafe is applicable to both Android and iOS devices. In both, the terms rooting and jailbreaking are unheard of. If you don’t know what they are, don’t even bother.

TeenSafe has the cutting edge technologies that enable it to fetch the data without compromising the phone. Regardless of the phone, it will never be visible. This is due to the stealth mode that helps it in hiding while monitoring the phone.

So, after acquiring it, your kid will not see anything new installed. For the Android case, you have to install TeenSafe once on the phone. It will only take about five minutes of your time and less than 2MB memory space on the child’s phone. Then you can monitor your children’s Android phone secretly.

If he or she has an iOS, then it becomes easier. Obtain the iPhone’s iCloud login details and feed them to TeenSafe after getting an account. You may need to check that the phone has two-step verification off and the iCloud syncing on.

When the setup is over, that’s when you log in to your account remotely to see what is happening. The good thing with TeenSafe is that you can log in anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

The dashboard displaying the data is user-friendly and also compatible with all browsers. So, having the best phone monitor software like TeenSafe is a blessing to many parents.

Part 2: TeenSafe Phone Monitoring Features

When you login in, there are more than 30 features on the dashboard. A summary includes the following:

  • All the saved contacts
  • The whole call log information
  • All the sent and received messages. You even get the deleted ones in iPhones
  • Real-time location of the phone and the previously visited places
  • Geofencing alerts
  • All the photos and videos on the phone
  • Social media activities from all the platforms
  • Calendar notes and saved events
  • All third-party installed applications
  • SIM Card details and location
  • Keylogger reports

For more information about these features, check out the main website, and get the demo too. You will get more of that after acquiring it. Everything you see about your child will be secure from unauthorized access.

TeenSafe makes sure of that by using its cloud as a syncing medium. So, when you logout, the information gets discarded. With that, here are steps you need to monitor your kid without them knowing.

Part 3: How to Monitor Kid’s Phone Using TeenSafe


  1. Android: Make sure it has OS 4.0 and above. Get the phone to install TeenSafe
  2. iOS: It’s compatible with iOS 7.0 or later. Use the iCloud ID
  3. Internet connection
  4. Email address

Steps to Kick Start the Monitoring Process

Step 1: Register an account on the TeenSafe website using your email address and a password. Next, choose the child’s phone OS and proceed to purchase one of the subscription plans.

Step 2: After the transaction, you will receive an email with the setup guidelines and other confirmation details.

Step 3: If your kid has an Android, use the link in the email to install TeenSafe. Make sure you activate the stealth mode as you install and then finish up the installation process.

Step 4: For iOS, after the email, login to your account and verify the kid’s iCloud credentials. In the next part, choose the phone your child is using and wait for the synchronization.

Step 5: When you get back to your account, the dashboard will be waiting for you. It will have the phone’s summary and the features we discussed above.

To see what your child is doing, use the links on the menu.

Part 4: Why Choose TeenSafe to Monitor Kids?

As a parent, especially if you are not tech-savvy, you may be presented with numerous offers. However, you want something good for you and safe for the kid despite them not knowing. When you have TeenSafe by your side, you realize the following:

  • It will take you less than five minutes to set it up and use it online
  • TeenSafe requires no rooting or jailbreaking to use it
  • Everything that the kid does on the phone is updated in your account in real-time
  • It has the stealth mode to hide. That is how your child remains unaware
  • You can access the information anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet
  • There are 30+ features to monitor the whole phone
  • The dashboard is user-friendly. It’s easy to locate anything
  • In Android, TeenSafe consumes less than 2MB memory space. In iOS, it uses the iCloud
  • There is no malware introduced in your kid’s phone
  • It also does not drain the battery when syncing the data to the cloud
  • You can uninstall the app remotely via the control panel. It has an uninstallation button which requires a one-time click


It’s now time to keep your child safe in easier ways that technology provides. The world is already developed, and you should keep up. When it comes to knowing where your kid is and what they are doing, choose TeenSafe.

Since you don’t want the kids to know, it has a way to hide. It will also not demand phone alteration.

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